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Warlords of the 21st Century

Written By:Harley Cokliss - 1982

  • Warlords of the 21st Century    - Harley Cokliss  cover


A futuristic action adventure about survival in a post-oil future. A future where countries have gone bankrupt and governments have collapsed, heralding a new, lawless age. A time when the normal limits of human behavior have broken.

The film centers around the violent actions of Colonel Straker, leader of the most notorious group of bandits and commander of the indestructible Battletruck. He is plagued by an obsession for Corlie, the mysterious young beauty who refuses to submit to his maniacal tyranny.

In the midst of Straker's evil a hero emerges, Hunter, an armor-clad ex-commando who gives up his hermit-like neutrality to take a stand against Straker. He designs his own vehicle to combat the awesome Battletruck. A terrifying chase ensues as Hunter combines both skill and ingenuity until the seemingly indestructible Battletruck plunges to a fiery death with its evil cargo aboard.