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Voogie's Angel

Written By:Masami Ōbari / Aoi Takeuchi - 1997

  • Voogie's Angel - Masami Ōbari / Aoi Takeuchi cover


In the year 2020, Earth is conquered by a malevolent alien life form. The last remnants of humankind barely escape death by hiding in the oceans and creating underwater Aqua-bases.

One hundred years later...

In an attempt to retake their world, the human survivors create a deadly strike force composed of one human and four, cybernetically enhanced, voluptuous young woman. They are: the motherly Midi, the spirited Voogie, the hard-hitting Rebecca, the innocent Merrybell, and the pensive Shiori. Specially trained and armed with the latest weaponry, they carry out guerilla attacks against the alien invaders.

Earth's last hope Voogie's Angel!


From Masami Obari the influential mind behind the Fatal Fury series comes Voogie's Angel!