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Vampire Hunter D

Written By:Toyoo Ashida - 1985

  • Vampire Hunter D - Toyoo Ashida cover


In the year 12,090 AD, the Earth has fallen into the clutches of ruthless Vampires — Humans are enslaved by a corrupted feudal system. Only one being has dared to challenge the cruel authority of these arrogant immortals — the mysterious Vampire Hunter called "D".

A beautiful young villager, Doris, has been targeted by Count Magnus Lee and his clan for the harsh doom of belonging to the Count. In desperation, Doris promises herself to the enigmatic hunter in exchange for the extermination of these tyrannical monsters. Before "D" can execute his plans, the Count abducts Doris, forcing "D" to forge into the bloody reign of the House of Lee.


Cult classic by any standard the sophisticated blend of horror and futuristic science fiction elevates Vampire Hunter D far beyond the stereotype of being a mere "cartoon". The bizarre imagery and exotic characters help to fully realize the tone of the film, confirming its status as an exceptional work.