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The Time Machine

Written By:Simon Wells - 2002

  • The Time Machine  - Simon Wells cover


Desperate to alter the course of time, a visionary scientist invents a revolutionary machine that propels him 800,000 years into the future. There he discovers that humans have evolved into two groups — the hunters and the hunted. Now he must fight to save himself, and all of mankind, in a final desperate battle.


"An action-packed, mind-blowing time travel adventure." —ABC Radio Network

"Enormously entertaining" —Jeffrey Lyons, NBC TV

The Time Machine explodes with pulse-pounding action in a visually stunning film the critics are calling "a thrilling, heart-stopping adventure."

This spectacular thrill ride of a movie stars Guy Pearce, Orlando Jones and Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons in a remarkable film featuring "dazzling effects that will wow you."