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Things to Come

Written By:William Cameron Menzies - 1936

  • Things to Come - William Cameron Menzies cover


H.G. Wells adapted for the screen his own novel "The Shape of Things To Come". For a 1936 film, Things To Come is an extraordinary work of science fiction depicting the future with startling visualization. It begins at 1940 Christmas time in London. The question on every one's lips is will there be war. The answer is yes. War rages until 1966 destroying civilization. Plagues and rebellion prevail. A brave group of engineers and pilots band together to create a new world order and a new life for mankind. Wonderfully exciting special effects that envision man's hopes and aspirations for what the world could be. The film concludes with a spectacular lunar launch... "All the universe or nothing, which shall it be."


A stunning visualization of the future