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Steel Dawn

Written By:Lance Hool - 1987

  • Steel Dawn - Lance Hool  cover


He is the desert warrior, carving the future with his sword.

They call him Nomad. A man without a home, without a past. A new breed of warrior trained in the arts of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, roaming the vast desert wastelands in a post-nuclear age... in a time when laws are useless and water is more precious than blood.

When Nomad's old friend and mentor is brutally slain by the notorious swordsman Sho, Nomad heads for the desolate valley of Meridian to avenge his death. There he meets the beautiful Kasha, one of the many farmers being terrorized by the sinister warlord Damnil. The desperate farmers appoint Nomad their Peacemaker, charged with protecting them against Damnil;s diabolical plot to control all the water in the valley. But as Nomad begins to help Kasha's farm, thwarting Damnil's carefully laid plans, he becomes the target of Damnil's savage army, face-to-face with the bloodthristy Sho, fighting for revenge, honor... and love.


"Patrick Swayze... has a real screen presence as a genuine action hero..." —Siskel & Ebert & The Movies

Patrick Swayze, the sizzling hot star of the smash hit Dirty Dancing, stars for the first time with his wife Lisa Niemi (Slamdance) and Emmy Award-winner Anthony Zerbe (TV's Harry-O) in this post-apocalyptic action-adventure.