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Star Blazers

Written By:Leiji Matsumoto - 1979

  • Star Blazers - Leiji Matsumoto cover


The Beginning: Quest for Iscandar

It's 2199 and Earth will be a dead planet in a year if radiation bombing from Gamilon is not stopped. The space cruiser Argo begins an action-packed race against time on a perilous journey to Iscandar. Its mission is to acquire defensive technology that is Earth's only hope of reversing the contamination.

Spectacular outer space battles constantly threaten the Star Force during a year-long adventure, while inside the Argo equally exciting events take place. Chief of Strategy Derek Wildstar resolves his rivalry with Chief of Operations Mark Venture — and falls in love with beautiful radar operator Nova. Chief Mechanic Sandor is revealed to be a Cyborg. Captain Avatar's wounds threaten his life but enigmatic Dr. Sane is able to maintain his vitality. And IQ-9, the whimsical robot nicknamed Tin Wit, takes over when human mind and emotion immobilize the Force. Meanwhile, evil Gamilon despot Desslok is determined to destroy Earth and rule the universe.


The heroic quest for the distant planet of Iscandar is a series of science fiction adventures filled with thought provoking situations and meaningful character studies that stimulate the imagination and enrich the mind. Crew members grow and relationships mature as the Star Blazers live and work beyond the stars, beyond the scope of any other series.

"The best animated science fiction adventure ever produced." —Questar

"The sleeper science fiction hit of the year." —Starlog