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Logan's Run

Written By:Michael Anderson - 1976

  • Logan's Run - Michael Anderson  cover


Welcome to the 23rd century, a perfect world of total pleasure. The only thing you can't have is your 30th birthday. On Lastday, senior citizens must go through the ritual of "renewal," where a fiery carousel spins them into oblivion. "Runners" are skeptics who seek to escape this ceremonial execution.

Michael York is 29-year-old Sandman Logan, who goes AWOL from his job searching out and destroying runners, becoming one himself. He teams up with a young rebel (Jenny Agutter) for a flight to refuge from their hedonistic, automated world. Farrah Fawcett-Majors appears as a sexy nurse and Peter Ustinov gives a deliciously quirky performance as Old Man, living on the "outside" in a gone-to-seed Washington, D.C.


"It's visual razzle-dazzle is pyrotechnical enough for a dozen Fourths of July." Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

Distinguished by awesome spectacle, Logan's Run won an Oscar for Dest Special Effects, which include the first film use of laser beam holography, and is a totally ingenious insight into tomorrow.