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Left Behind

World at War

Written By:Craig R. Baxley - 2005

  • World at War - Craig R. Baxley cover


In the prophesied world of the Book of Revelation, global icon and world leader Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie - Left Behind) has finally done the unimaginable - he has managed to unite the world in peace - and bring an end to the bloodshed that has ruled the world since the beginning of time.

American President, Gerald Fitzhugh (Academy Award winner Lou Gossett, Jr. - An officer and a Gentleman - Best Supporting Actor 1981), has shared that dream, and has dedicated his Presidency to making sure that the world's most powerful nation didn't stand in the way of the dream.

But when a failed assassination attempt opens his eyes to an underground world and a horrifying glimpse into a sinsiter conspiracy. Fitzhugh must come to terms with the agonizing truth - World War III is pounding at the door - and his dedication to the dream of peace has left America powerless to defend herself.

With the help of investigative reporter Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron - Left Behind, TV's "Growing Pains") and his underground Tribulation Force, Fitzhugh battles against a ticking clock, insurmountable odds, and his own closed mind, to try to find a way to stop the death of millions of people, and perhaps the end of history itself.


The end is near! Another hit in the ever-popular series



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