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Dragon Fury

Written By:David Heavener - 1995

  • Dragon Fury    - David Heavener cover


The future has just unleashed the ultimate warrior

The year is 2099 A.D. It's one hundred years after a terrifying earthquake destroyed civilization as we know it and left behind a barbaric nation and horrifying disease known as 'The Plague.' A Dragon warrior name Mason (Chapin) sets out to battle a secret nation called The Dragons and their deadly dictator Vestor, whose only desire is to get rich from the innocent victims plagued with the disease. Without mercy, Vestor orders Mason's family massacred. Mason, with the help of a woman, is sent back to the year 1999 to retrieve the precious serum that will cure his people from the plague. There is only one problem, it's one day before the quake, leaving Mason less than 24 hours to perform his mission, coupled with the fact that Vestor and his evil warriors are hot on his trail.