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Day of the Triffids

Written By:Steve Sekely - 1963

  • Day of the Triffids - Steve Sekely cover
  • Day of the Triffids - Steve Sekely cover

    Congress Video Group - 1985


Congress Video Group - 1985

Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey, Kieron Moore. Science fiction comes of age in this outstanding, thrilling story of man against the unknown. For a reason unexplained by science, a great number of meteorites begin to fall to earth. All those who witness this phenomenon are blinded. The few who retain their eyesight are horrified to see the triffids—normally small plants—grow to huge proportions as they become affected by the presence of the mysterious meteorites.


Are you ready? The world is taken over by "intelligent" plants! Everyone is blinded by meteorites. A classic sci-fi film based on the novel by John Wyndam with some great special effects and aggressively directed. A must have for the collection of the genre.