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Circuitry Man

Written By:Steven Lovy - 1990

  • Circuitry Man - Steven Lovy cover


The final frontier is not outer space. It is the human mind. Plug in.

Poisoned air, subterranean cities and mutant leeches comprise the world of circuitry man. A world where computer chips are the drugs of choice for a new generation of programmable humans, and war is waged in the electronic-imaginations of the combatants.

Set in the toxic near-future, circuity man follows Lori, a tough bodyguard, and Danner, a pleasure-programmed android, as they attempt to smuggle mind-bending computer chips. From Los Angeles to New York, they're on an adventurous cross country flight from the sadistic Plughead, a human appliance who wants to "jack-in" to Lori's beautiful brain.