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Captain Power

Written By:Gary Goddard / Tony Christopher - 1987

  • Captain Power - Gary Goddard / Tony Christopher cover

    Shattered Past


Shattered Past

POWER ON! To the interactive video revolution!

The year is 2147. The Metal Wars are over, and Lord Dread and his evil Bio Dread Empire rule the Earth. There is only one man who can stop him—Captain Power! Aided by his Soldiers of the Future, Captain Jonathan Power struggles to save the human race from destruction at the hands of Lord Dread. But there's hope. Now kids can battle alongside their heroes in the first video that lets them interact with the TV screen. They can actually shoot at Bio Dread video targets using their Captain Power interactive toys from Mattel. What's more, every Captain Power video is an action-packed thriller that everyone can enjoy, either with or without the toy. The Metal Wars may be over, but for Captain Power, the battle has just begun!