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Written By:Phillip J. Roth - 1994

  • A.P.E.X. - Phillip J. Roth cover


Advanced Prototype EXtermination Unit

Trapped in a future they didn't create. Fighting an enemy they cannot stop.

The year: 2073. The place: Los Angeles. A rip in the fabric of time plunges the world into a cybernetic holocaust that only one man can stop in this futuristic action-adventure. Dr. Nicholas Sinclair (Richard Keats), leads an elite team of scientists in a robotic time-travel project utilizing computerized Advanced Prototype EXtermination units to shuttle back-and-forth from the present to the past. But when a routine experiment goes radically wrong, Sinclair himself is thrown through time into a parallel "time paradox" and finds himself in an altered 2073—a world devastated by disease and decimated by terminator APEX units. Now he must lead a team of futuristic commandos in a desperate maneuver to reverse the timeline paradox and reshape the future in this explosive high-tech tale of a world gone mad.


"...A cut above most time travel cyborg thrillers." —Seattle Times