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American Cyborg: Steel Warrior

Written By:Boaz Davidson - 1993

  • American Cyborg: Steel Warrior - Boaz Davidson cover


After a devastating nuclear war, the last fertile woman on earth joins forces with a tough renegade to fight an advanced team of deadly cyborgs and save the human race from extinction in this action-packed futuristic thriller.

Joe Lara, best known as the latest in a long and impressive line of screen Tarzans, stars as Austin, a strong, yet compassionate street warrior who agrees to help a beautiful young woman, Mary (played by sexy newcomer Nicole Hansen), escape a ravaged, war-torn America. Austin and mary encounter danger at every turn as they find themselves on a death-defying race against not only time but a murderous cyborg (John Ryan) programmed to destroy Mary—the world's last hope for humanity—before they can reach the boat that will take them to a safer Europe.


"... the Terminator meets the Last of The Mohicans!" —Hollywood Reporter