Post-Apocalyptic Movie and Television List
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Things to Come  William Cameron Menzies1936warfuturistic
Day the World Ended  Roger Corman1956Horror
On the Beach   Stanley Kramer1959Drama
Panic in Year Zero   Ray Milland 1962Drama
La Jetee  Chris Marker1962pestilencefuturistic
Day of the Triffids  Steve Sekely1963Action
Last Man on Earth  Sidney Salkow1964Thriller
War Game, The   Peter Watkins 1967Drama
Night of the Living DeadDead1George Romero1968  
Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes1Franklin J. Schaffner1968  
Bed Sitting Room, The  Richard Lester1969Comedy
Beneath the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes2Ted Post 1970  
Gas!  Roger Corman1970Comedy
Omega Man, The  Boris Sagal 1971Action
Escape from the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes3Don Taylor1971  
Conquest of the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes4J. Lee Thompson1972  
Battle for the Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes5J. Lee Thompson1973  
Genesis II   John Lewellyn Moxey 1973Drama
Planet Earth  Marc Daniels1974Sci-Fi
Where Have All the People Gone   John Llewellyn Moxey1974Drama
Zardoz  John Boorman 1974Action
A Boy and His Dog  L.Q. Jones1975Comedy
Strange New World  Robert Butler1975Sci-Fi
Ultimate Warrior, The   Robert Clouse 1975Action
Logan's Run  Michael Anderson 1976Thriller
Damnation Alley  Jack Smight1977Action
Wizards  Ralph Bakshi 1977Animated
Dawn of the DeadDead2George Romero 1978  
Death Sport  Allan Arkush1978Action
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century  TV Movie/Series1979warfuturistic
Star Blazers  Leiji Matsumoto1979extraterrestrialfantastical
Mad MaxMad Max1George Miller1980  
Day of Resurrection
  Kinji Fukasaku1980Drama
Thundarr the Barbarian  Steve Gerber1980cosmicfantastical
Years of the Beast  D. Paul Thomas1981rapturefantastical
2020 Texas Gladiators  Kevin Mancusco 1982Action
Road Warrior, TheMad Max2George Miller1982  
Warlords of the 21st Century   Harley Cokliss 1982Action
Warriors of the Wasteland  Enzo G. Castellari 1982Action
984 Prisoner of the Future
Man of Tomorrow
  Tibor Takacs1982Drama
After the Fall of New York  Martin Dolman1983Action
Day After, The  Nicholas Meyer1983Drama
Exterminators of the Year 3000   Giuliano Carnimeo1983Action
Stryker  Cirio H. Santiago1983Action
Testament  Lynne Littman 1983Drama
Night of the Comet  Thom Eberhardt1984Horror
Terminator, The Terminator1James Cameron1984  
Day of the DeadDead3George Romero 1985  
Defcon 4   Paul Donovan1985Action
Endgame  Joe D'Amato1985Action
Le Dernier Combat   Luc Besson1985Action
Beyond ThunderdomeMad Max3George Miller1985  
Quiet Earth, The   Geoff Murphy1985Drama
Threads  Mick Jackson 1985Drama
Vampire Hunter D  Toyoo Ashida1985Animated
Warriors of the Apocalypse  Bobby A. Suarez1985Action
Radioactive Dreams  Albert Pyun 1986Action
Sacrifice, The  Andrei Tarkovsky1986Drama
Survivor  Michael Shackleton 1986Action
Steel Dawn  Lance Hool 1987Action
Creepozoids  David DeCoteau1987Horror
Captain Power  Gary Goddard
Tony Christopher
Cherry 2000   Steve De Jarnatt 1988Action
Hell Comes to Frogtown  Donald G. Jackson1988Action
World Gone Wild  Lee H. Katzin 1988Action
Appleseed  Kazuyoshi Katayama1988warAnime
In the Aftermath  Carl Colpaert1988warrealistic
Blood of Heroes   David Webb Peoples 1989Action
Cyborg  Albert Pyun1989Action
Future Hunters   Cirio H. Santiago1989Action
Crystalis  K.Kono1990Drama
Night of the Living Dead  George Romero1990Horror
Hardware  Richard Stanley1990Horror
Circuitry Man  Steven Lovy1990ecologicalfuturistic
Mindwarp  Steve Barnett1991Thriller
Judgment DayTerminator2James Cameron1991  
Dark Vengeance  Faruque Ahmed 1992Action
Neon City   Monte Markham1992Action
Raiders of the Sun  Cirio H. Santiago 1992Action
Prototype X29A  Phillip J. Roth1992warAction
Knights  Albert Pyun1993Action
American Cyborg: Steel Warrior  Boaz Davidson1993Action
TC 2000  T.J. Scott1993ecologicalfuturistic
Return to Frogtown  Donald Jackson 1994Action
Stand, The  1994Drama
Steel Frontier  Paul G. Volk, Jacobsen Hart1994Action
Circuitry Man II: Plughead Rewired  Steven Lovy
Robert Lovy
A.P.E.X.  Phillip J. Roth1994technologyfuturistic
Dragon Fury   David Heavener1995Action
Fist of the North Star  Tony Randel 1995Action
Tank Girl  Rachel Talalay1995Action
Waterworld  Kevin Reynolds 1995Action
Judge Dredd  Danny Cannon1995warfuturistic
12 Monkeys   Terry Gilliam1996Drama
Dragon Fury 2  Bryan Michael Stoller1996Action
Toad Warrior  Donald G. Jackson1996Action
Domination Nation   Ralph Parfait1997Adult
Doom Runners  Brendan Maher1997Action
Omega Doom  Albert Pyun1997Action
Postman, The  Kevin Costner1997Drama
Starlight  Jonathan Kay1997Drama
Voogie's Angel  Masami Ōbari
Aoi Takeuchi
Six String Samurai   Lance Mungia1998Action
Behind Planet of Apes  Kevin Burns1998warfantastical
Freedom Deep  Aaron Stevenson1998unknownfuturistic
Bridge of Dragons   Isaac Florentine1999Action
Beowulf  Graham Baker1999Action
Cybercity  Peter Hayman 1999Action
MatrixMatrix1Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski 1999  
Passion to Kill, A  Ron Ford1999Fantasy
Shepherd  Peter Hayman1999Sci-Fi
Battle Queen 2020  Daniel D'or2000Action
Frozen Inferno, The  Mike A. Martinez2000Action
Last Warrior, The  Sheldon Lettich 2000Action
On the Beach   Russell Mulcahy 2000Drama
Radio Free Steve  Jules Beesley/Lars Von Biers2000Comedy
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust  Yoskiaki Kawaiiri 2000Animated
Battlefield Earth  Roger Christian2000Action
Ever Since The World Ended   Calum Grant, Joshua Atesh Litle 2001Drama
New Woman, The  Todd Hughes2001Comedy
Planet of the Apes  Tim Burton 2001Action
Left BehindLeft Behind1Vic Sarin2001  
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within  Hironobu Sakaguchi
Motonori Sakakibara
Dead or Alive-Final  Paulo Machline2002Action
Last Man, The  Harry Ralston 2002Comedy
Reign of Fire   Rob Bowman 2002Fantasy
Tribulation ForceLeft Behind2Bill Corcoran2002  
Resident EvilResident Evil1Paul W.S. Anderson2002  
Time Machine, The  Simon Wells2002cosmicfuturistic
Teenage Caveman  Larry Clark2002plaguefantastical
ReloadedMatrix2Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski 2003  
RevolutionsMatrix3Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski 2003  
Rise of the MachinesTerminator3James Cameron2003  
Animatrix  Peter Chung
Andrew R. Jones
Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Takeshi Koike
Mahiro Maeda
Koji Morimoto
Shinichiro Watanabe
Dawn of the Dead  Zack Snyder2004Horror
ApocalypseResident Evil2Alexander Witt2004  
Post Impact  Christoph Schrewe2004cosmicrealistic
World at WarLeft Behind3Craig R. Baxley2005  
Land of the Dead  George A. Romero2005zombiesfantastical
Jericho  Jon Turteltaub
Carol Barbee
Stephen Chbosky
Children of Men  Alfonso Cuarón2006economicfuturistic
Plague, The  Hal Masonberg2006supernaturalfantastical
Zombie Diaries, The  Michael G. Bartlett
Kevin Gates
ExtinctionResident Evil3Russell Mulcahy2007  
Days of Darkness  Jake Kennedy2007zombiesfantastical
I am Legend  Francis Lawrence2007zombiesfantastical
Wall-E  Andrew Stanton2008Sci-Fi
Doomsday  Neil Marshall2008pestilencefuturistic
City of Ember  Gil Kenan2008warfuturistic
Daybreakers  Michael Spierig
Peter Spierig
Carriers  David Pastor
Àlex Pastor
2012  Roland Emmerich2009ecologicalfantastical
Zombieland  Ruben Fleischer2009zombiesfantastical
Stake Land  Jim Mickle2010VampiresAction/Drama
AfterlifeResident Evil4Paul W.S. Anderson2010  
Zombie Apocalypse 2010  Ryan Thompson2010zombiesfantastical
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole  Zack Snyder2010warfantastical
Walking Dead, The  Frank Darabont2010zombiesfantastical
Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass  Pat Tremblay2011warfuturistic
Dark Nemesis
Dark Knight, The
  Drew Maxwell2011warfantastical
Zombie Apocalypse 2012  Nick Lyon2011zombiesfantastical
Rise of the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes 2k1Rupert Wyatt2011  
RetributionResident Evil5Paul W.S. Anderson2012  
Dredd  Pete Travis2012warfantastical
World War Z  Marc Forster2013zombiesfantastical
Warm Bodies  Jonathan Levine2013zombiesfantastical
Colony, The  Jeff Renfroe2013ecologicalrealistic
Dawn of the Planet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes 2k2Matt Reeves2014  
Cowboys vs Zombies  Carmelo Follo2014zombiesfantastical