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984 Prisoner of the Future/Man of Tomorrow

Written By:Tibor Takacs - 1982

  • 984 Prisoner of the Future/Man of Tomorrow - Tibor Takacs cover


A futuristic tale of human self-destruction

984 is a man without a name, without hope, without a future and with only robots to hear his screams

He was imprisoned without a trial and without a reason. His identity was taken from him. He was tortured and beaten, though innocent. His screams fell on deaf ears.

These are the realities of tomorrow; a nightmare glimpse of a horrifying, electronic future without human rhyme or reason. There is no escape. There may be no reason to escape.


As thought provoking as Midnight Express. As hopeless and brutal as Scum. Highly-acclaimed, 984 Prisoner of the Future, winner of a CFTA award, is a shocking, Futuristic tale of human self-destruction.