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Star's Reach: A Novel Of The Deindustrial Future  John Michael Greer2014ecologicalfuturistic
Alone  Jennifer Reynolds2014pestilencerealistic
Not Dead in the Heart of Dixie  R M Kralik2014pestilencerealistic
Clio and Cy: The Apocalypse  Christopher Lee2014warfuturistic
Radio Hope  Sean McLachlan2014warfuturistic
Skin Bags, TheMutant Hunter4Stephen Cox2013  
End, The: A Post Apocalyptic Novel  G. Michael Hopf2013technologyrealistic
Wayward Journey, The  Nathan Hale Jefferson2013earthquakerealistic
Last Gallon, The  William Belanger2013economicrealistic
Calizona  Ralph Rotten2013cosmicfuturistic
First Activation  D A Wearmouth2013zombiesfantastical
Hear Me Scream  R M James2013pestilencefantastical
Fall, TheBlue Plague1Thomas A. Watson2012  
Hard Roads  Terry McDonald2012plaguerealistic
SplinterlandMutant Hunter3Stephen Cox2012  
Voyage of the DeadSovereign Spirit Saga1David Forsyth2012  
Flotilla of the DeadSovereign Spirit Saga2David Forsyth2012  
Their JourneyTheir Journey1Varian Morn2012  
Vlad's TroublesTheir Journey2Varian Morn2012  
Rogue ProgramSavage Survival2Darrell Bain2012  
Father John VS the Zombies  Karl El-Koura2012zombiefantastical
Since Tomorrow  Morgan Nyberg2012unknownrealistic
Collision Course  David Crawford2012variousrealistic
Legends of the FalloutMutant Hunter1Stephen Cox2011  
Slicks, TheMutant Hunter2Stephen Cox2011  
Emeline and the Mutants  Rachel Tsoumbakos2011technologyfantastical
Last of the Dying, The  Brittney Stewart2010unknownfuturistic
Lights Out  David Crawford2010technologyrealistic
World Without Us, The  Alan Weisman2007non-fictionnonfiction
SurvivalBlue Plague2Thomas A. Watson