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Stand, The

Soul Survivors 1

Written By:Marval - 2009

  • Soul Survivors 1 - Marval cover


The end is nigh as a deadly plague sweeps the nation and widespread panic overcomes the dying masses of America in a terrifying and inexorable tide. Who will be left to rebuild on the ruins of their past lives as the ancient rivalry of Good vs. Evil has only just begun?


"Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been brilliant in adapting Stephen King's novel into the comic medium... taking all the emotion and horror from the classic horror novel and capturing it perfectly, A tremendous achievement." —Paul Stotts,

Based on the popular apocalyptic novel celebrated author Stephen King, The Stand brings together critically acclaimed writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Sensational Spider-Man, Angel: Revelations, HBO's Big Love) and the gritty visuals of artist Mike Perkins (Captain America) to tell a tale which begins at the end of the world.




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