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Stand, The

Night Has Come The 3

Written By:Marval - 2011

  • Night Has Come  The 3 - Marval cover


The end of the world has happened. 99% of the population is dead, killed off by the mysterious superflu nicknamed Captain Trips. The remaining one percent has chosen sides. Those drawn to Mother Abagail and her light have founded a community called the Boulder Free Zone, in Colorado. Those drawn to Randall Flagg and his darkness have congregated in Las Vegas.

Now, war has erupted between Good and Evil.

Four of Mother Abagail's followers have begun the grueling journey to meet their adversary, and must confront an impossible choice along the way. The fire-loving Trashcan Man is desperate to redeem himself in his Malevolent master's eyes—but at what price? And while Flagg continues to hold sway over his subjects, he can no longer deny that there are forces at work beyond even his control...


"Marvel's vision of The Stand remains one of the most faithful on the market... Aguirre-Sacasa and and Perkins are firing on all cylinders."

Based on the popular apocalyptic novel celebrated author Stephen King, The Stand brings together critically acclaimed writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Sensational Spider-Man, Angel: Revelations, HBO's Big Love) and the gritty visuals of artist Mike Perkins (Captain America) to tell a tale which begins at the end of the world.




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