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Future Shock, Part Three: Ghosts Of MarsBuck Rogers3Dynamite2009  
Future Shock, Part Four: Red means DeadBuck Rogers4Dynamite2009  
Future Shock, Part Five: The Caloric StandardBuck Rogers5Dynamite2009  
Future Shock, Epilogue: Nevermind What You Leave BehindBuck Rogers6Dynamite2009  
The Space Beneath: Part 1Buck Rogers7Dynamite2009  
Here We RemainWalking Dead, The9Image2009  
What We BecomeWalking Dead, The10Image2009  
Dark Wraith of Shannara  Terry Brooks2008SupernaturalFantastical
Death Walks Behind YouWasteland14Antony Johnston2008  
Dawn RazorWasteland15Antony Johnston2008  
Hail and KillWasteland16Antony Johnston2008  
Ride the LightningWasteland17Antony Johnston2008  
Iron Horse / Born to LoseWasteland18Antony Johnston2008  
Rain When I DieWasteland19Antony Johnston2008  
Apocalyptic CityWasteland20Antony Johnston2008  
Dogs Of WarWasteland21Antony Johnston2008  
Dog-Face BoyWasteland22Antony Johnston2008  
After the End of the World, Part OneWildcats: World's End1Christos Gage
Neil Googe
After the End of the World, Part TwoWildcats: World's End2Christos Gage
Neil Googe
Captain Trips 1Stand, The1Marval2008  
Captain Trips 2Stand, The2Marval2008  
Captain Trips 3Stand, The3Marval2008  
Captain Trips 4Stand, The4Marval2008  
Made To SufferWalking Dead, The8Image2008  
Issue no. 1Xombie Reanimated1James Farr2007  
Issue no. 2Xombie Reanimated2James Farr2007  
Issue no. 3Xombie Reanimated3James Farr2007  
Issue no. 4Xombie Reanimated4James Farr2007  
Issue no. 5Xombie Reanimated5James Farr2007  
Dying FreedomWasteland6Antony Johnston2007  
Children of the SunWasteland7Antony Johnston2007  
Rusty CageWasteland8Antony Johnston2007  
Elusive CureWasteland9Antony Johnston2007  
Black Holes and RevelationsWasteland10Antony Johnston2007  
At The Edge Of NightWasteland11Antony Johnston2007  
No Time To CryWasteland12Antony Johnston2007  
Escape From The Killing FieldsWasteland13Antony Johnston2007  
This Sorrowful LifeWalking Dead, The6Image2007  
Calm Before, TheWalking Dead, The7Image2007  
Some Kind of StrangerWasteland1Antony Johnston2006  
Maps and LegendsWasteland2Antony Johnston2006  
Descend The Shades Of Night, Part OneWasteland3Antony Johnston2006  
Descend The Shades Of Night, Part TwoWasteland4Antony Johnston2006  
Descend The Shades Of Night, Part ThreeWasteland5Antony Johnston2006  
Best Defense, TheWalking Dead, The5Image2006  
Safety Behind BarsWalking Dead, The3Image2005  
Heart's Desire, TheWalking Dead, The4Image2005  
Days Gone ByeWalking Dead, The1Image2004  
Miles Behind UsWalking Dead, The2Image2004  
MercenariesJeremiah (Translated)20Hermann Huppen2003  
Left Behind 1-IIILeft Behind3John S. Layman2002  
Left Behind 1-IVLeft Behind4John S. Layman2002  
Left Behind 1-VLeft Behind5John S. Layman2002  
Tribulation Force 2-ILeft Behind6John S. Layman2002  
Tribulation Force 2-IILeft Behind7John S. Layman2002  
Tribulation Force 2-IIILeft Behind8John S. Layman2002  
Tribulation Force 2-IVLeft Behind9John S. Layman2002  
Tribulation Force 2-VLeft Behind10John S. Layman2002  
Gun in the WaterJeremiah (Translated)22Hermann Huppen2002  
Left Behind 1-ILeft Behind1John S. Layman2001  
Left Behind 1-IILeft Behind2John S. Layman2001  
Issue no. 1Planet of the Apes: The Human War1Ian Edginton2001  
Issue no. 2Planet of the Apes: The Human War2Ian Edginton2001  
Issue no. 3Planet of the Apes: The Human War3Ian Edginton2001  
UndergroundOink: Blood and Circus1Epic Comics1998  
PartsOink: Blood and Circus2Epic Comics1998  
Sleep DirtOink: Blood and Circus3Epic Comics1998  
Choo-ChooOink: Blood and Circus4Epic Comics1998  
Issue 3Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels3Dark Horse1998  
Issue 4Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels4Dark Horse1998  
Issue 5Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels5Dark Horse1998  
Issue 6Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels6Dark Horse1998  
Issue 7Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels7Dark Horse1998  
Issue 8Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels8Dark Horse1998  
Issue 9Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels9Dark Horse1998  
Issue 1Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels1Dark Horse1997  
Issue 2Legend of the Mother Sarah, The: City of the Angels2Dark Horse1997  
Art Attack!Judge Dredd18DC Comics1996  
So Long, It's Been Good to Know YaTank Girl: Apocalypse4Vertigo1996  
Fallout 3000  Caliber1996warfuturistic
Malice in WonderlandJudge Dredd6DC Comics1995  
Cyber HellJudge Dredd7DC Comics1995  
In the Line of Fire!Judge Dredd8DC Comics1995  
I am the LawJudge Dredd9DC Comics1995  
Dead!Judge Dredd10DC Comics1995  
Dredd Again!Judge Dredd11DC Comics1995  
You Have the Right to Remain SilentJudge Dredd12DC Comics1995  
Moving Violation!Judge Dredd13DC Comics1995  
Issue no. 14Judge Dredd14DC Comics1995  
Face Off!Judge Dredd15DC Comics1995  
Up Against the Wall!Judge Dredd16DC Comics1995  
Issue no. 17Judge Dredd17DC Comics1995  
Walk on the Wild Side, ATank Girl: Apocalypse1Vertigo1995  
What a Swell Party This IsTank Girl: Apocalypse2Vertigo1995  
Tank Girl Goes to MarsTank Girl: Apocalypse3Vertigo1995  
Issue 1Legend of the Mother Sarah, The1Dark Horse1995  
Issue 2Legend of the Mother Sarah, The2Dark Horse1995  
Issue 3Legend of the Mother Sarah, The3Dark Horse1995  
Issue 4Legend of the Mother Sarah, The4Dark Horse1995  
Issue 5Legend of the Mother Sarah, The5Dark Horse1995  
Issue 6Legend of the Mother Sarah, The6Dark Horse1995  
Issue 7Legend of the Mother Sarah, The7Dark Horse1995  
Issue 8Legend of the Mother Sarah, The8Dark Horse1995  
He Is the Law!Judge Dredd1DC Comics1994  
Silicon DreamsJudge Dredd2DC Comics1994  
Fast ForwardJudge Dredd3DC Comics1994  
Ethical Violence Rules!Judge Dredd4DC Comics1994  
Judical Standoff!Judge Dredd5DC Comics1994  
Attack of the Bikini Demons!Night of the Living Dead0FantaCo1994  
Zombie GenesisNight of the Living Dead1FantaCo1994  
Zombie VacationNight of the Living Dead2FantaCo1994  
Zombie ApocalypseNight of the Living Dead3FantaCo1994  
Issue no. 17Dredd Rules!17Alan Grant1993  
Issue no. 18Dredd Rules!18Alan Grant1993  
Issue no. 19Dredd Rules!19Alan Grant1993  
Issue no. 20Dredd Rules!20Alan Grant1993  
Dead York CityKamandi: At Earth's End1Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
Thunder Road!Kamandi: At Earth's End3Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
Kings of the Ruined EarthKamandi: At Earth's End2Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
Man at Earth's End!, TheKamandi: At Earth's End4Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
Soul of a Sister Machine!, TheKamandi: At Earth's End6Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
To a City in the Sky!Kamandi: At Earth's End5Tom Veitch
Frank Gomez
Mike Barreiro
Issue no. 5Dredd Rules!5Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 6Dredd Rules!6Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 7Dredd Rules!7Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 8Dredd Rules!8Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 9Dredd Rules!9Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 10Dredd Rules!10Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 11Dredd Rules!11Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 12Dredd Rules!12Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 13Dredd Rules!13Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 14Dredd Rules!14Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 15Dredd Rules!15Alan Grant1992  
Issue no. 16Dredd Rules!16Alan Grant1992  
Game, TheOutlaws5Michael Jan Friedman1992  
Rose, TheOutlaws6Michael Jan Friedman1992  
Plague, TheOutlaws7Michael Jan Friedman1992  
Issue no. 8Outlaws8Michael Jan Friedman1992  
Cowboys & SimiansPlanet of the Apes20Charles Marshall1992  
Terror Beneath, ThePlanet of the Apes21Charles Marshall1992  
Land of no Escape, ThePlanet of the Apes22Charles Marshall1992  
Final ConquestPlanet of the Apes23Charles Marshall1992  
Last BattlePlanet of the Apes24Charles Marshall1992  
Issue no. 1Terminator: Endgame1James Robinson1992  
Issue no. 2Terminator: Endgame2James Robinson1992  
Issue no. 3Terminator: Endgame3James Robinson1992  
Issue no. 3Terminator: The Enemy Within3Ian Edginton1992  
Issue no. 4Terminator: The Enemy Within4Ian Edginton1992  
Issue no. 1Terminator: Hunters and Killers1Toren Smith
Adam Warren
Chris Warner
Issue no. 2Terminator: Hunters and Killers2Toren Smith
Adam Warren
Chris Warner
Issue no. 3Terminator: Hunters and Killers3Toren Smith
Adam Warren
Chris Warner
Issue 0Outlanders0Dark Horse1992  
Birds of Prey no.1Jeremiah (Translated)1Hermann Huppen1991  
Birds of Prey no.2Jeremiah (Translated)1Hermann Huppen1991  
Fistful of Sand, A no.1Jeremiah (Translated)2Hermann Huppen1991  
Fistful of Sand, A no.2Jeremiah (Translated)2Hermann Huppen1991  
Heirs, The no.1Jeremiah (Translated)3Hermann Huppen1991  
Heirs, The no.2Jeremiah (Translated)3Hermann Huppen1991  
Issue no. 1Dredd Rules!1Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 2Dredd Rules!2Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 3Dredd Rules!3Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 4Dredd Rules!4Alan Grant1991  
Hunt, TheOutlaws1Michael Jan Friedman1991  
Wheel, TheOutlaws2Michael Jan Friedman1991  
Word, TheOutlaws3Michael Jan Friedman1991  
Concubine, TheOutlaws4Michael Jan Friedman1991  
PlansApe Nation1Charles Marshall1991  
PastsApe Nation2Charles Marshall1991  
PawnsApe Nation3Charles Marshall1991  
PainsApe Nation4Charles Marshall1991  
ChangesPlanet of the Apes9Charles Marshall1991  
Return to the Forbidden CityPlanet of the Apes10Charles Marshall1991  
WarriorsPlanet of the Apes11Charles Marshall1991  
BellsPlanet of the Apes12Charles Marshall1991  
Frito & Jojo's X-cellent AdventurePlanet of the Apes13Charles Marshall1991  
Countdown Zero: Part OnePlanet of the Apes14Charles Marshall1991  
Countdown Zero: Part TwoPlanet of the Apes15Charles Marshall1991  
Countdown Zero: Part ThreePlanet of the Apes16Charles Marshall1991  
Countdown Zero: Part FourPlanet of the Apes17Charles Marshall1991  
Gorillas in the MistPlanet of the Apes18Charles Marshall1991  
Quitting TimePlanet of the Apes19Charles Marshall1991  
Issue no. 1Terminator: The Enemy Within1Ian Edginton1991  
Issue no. 2Terminator: The Enemy Within2Ian Edginton1991  
Issue no. 1Terminator: Secondary Objectives1James Robinson1991  
Issue no. 2Terminator: Secondary Objectives2James Robinson1991  
Issue no. 3Terminator: Secondary Objectives3James Robinson1991  
Issue no. 4Terminator: Secondary Objectives4James Robinson1991  
Issue no. 1Car Warriors1Epic Comics1991  
Issue no. 2Car Warriors2Epic Comics1991  
Oh Joy! It's Soy Boy!Car Warriors3Epic Comics1991  
DeLorean Run, TheCar Warriors4Epic Comics1991  
One of the LivingDead Walkers1Aircel1991  
Love... and deathDead Walkers2Aircel1991  
Gathering Storm, TheDead Walkers3Aircel1991  
Storm Breaks, TheDead Walkers4Aircel1991  
Issue 25Outlanders25Dark Horse1991  
Issue 26Outlanders26Dark Horse1991  
Issue 27Outlanders27Dark Horse1991  
Issue 28Outlanders28Dark Horse1991  
Issue 29Outlanders29Dark Horse1991