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Virus of Life, TheWasteland52Antony Johnston2014  
All Out War, Part OneWalking Dead, The20Image2014  
All Out War, Part TwoWalking Dead, The21Image2014  
New Beginning, AWalking Dead, The22Image2014  
Omnibus Vol. 3 (7-9)Jeremiah (Translated)0Hermann Huppen2013  
Nor Iron Bars A CageDoomsday.12IDW2013  
Ashes to AshesDoomsday.13IDW2013  
A Prayer Before Dying Doomsday.14IDW2013  
Wild Game, Part 4Sweet Tooth39Jeff Lemire2013  
Home Sweet HomeSweet Tooth40Jeff Lemire2013  
Memory of Trees, TheWasteland43Antony Johnston2013  
Wreckage of My Flesh, TheWasteland44Antony Johnston2013  
FatherlandWasteland45Antony Johnston2013  
World Leader PretendWasteland46Antony Johnston2013  
Happiness In SlaveryWasteland47Antony Johnston2013  
WatchfireWasteland48Antony Johnston2013  
Forever FailureWasteland49Antony Johnston2013  
Burning InsideWasteland50Antony Johnston2013  
Thy Kingdom GoneWasteland51Antony Johnston2013  
Issue no. 5Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 5Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 6Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 6Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 7Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 7Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 8Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 8Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 9Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 9Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 10Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 10Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 11Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 11Boom! Comics2013  
Issue no. 12Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 12Boom! Comics2013  
Issue 10Fanboys vs. Zombies10Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 11Fanboys vs. Zombies11Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 12Fanboys vs. Zombies12Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 13Fanboys vs. Zombies13Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 14Fanboys vs. Zombies14Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 15Fanboys vs. Zombies15Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 16Fanboys vs. Zombies16Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 17Fanboys vs. Zombies17Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 18Fanboys vs. Zombies18Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 19Fanboys vs. Zombies19Boom! Studios2013  
Issue 20Fanboys vs. Zombies20Boom! Studios2013  
What Comes AfterWalking Dead, The18Image2013  
March To WarWalking Dead, The19Image2013  
Omnibus Vol. 1 (1-3)Jeremiah (Translated)0Hermann Huppen2012  
Omnibus Vol. 2 (4-6)Jeremiah (Translated)0Hermann Huppen2012  
Taxidermist, The, Part 2Sweet Tooth27Jeff Lemire2012  
Taxidermist, The, Part 3Sweet Tooth28Jeff Lemire2012  
Unnatural Habitats, Part 1Sweet Tooth29Jeff Lemire2012  
Unnatural Habitats, Part 2Sweet Tooth30Jeff Lemire2012  
Unnatural Habitats, Part 3Sweet Tooth31Jeff Lemire2012  
Unnatural Habitats, Part 4Sweet Tooth32Jeff Lemire2012  
Continuing Adventures of The Big Man and The Boy, TheSweet Tooth33Jeff Lemire2012  
Ballad of Johnny and Abbot, TheSweet Tooth34Jeff Lemire2012  
Singh Tapes, Vol 3Sweet Tooth35Jeff Lemire2012  
Wild Game, Part 1Sweet Tooth36Jeff Lemire2012  
Wild Game, Part 2Sweet Tooth37Jeff Lemire2012  
Wild Game, Part 3Sweet Tooth38Jeff Lemire2012  
Houses Of The HolyWasteland33Antony Johnston2012  
I'm Not JesusWasteland34Antony Johnston2012  
Breaking the WarriorWasteland35Antony Johnston2012  
Devil's DanceWasteland36Antony Johnston2012  
Ashes You LeaveWasteland37Antony Johnston2012  
Truth Famine, TheWasteland38Antony Johnston2012  
Lovesong For A Dead ChildWasteland39Antony Johnston2012  
Beneath Black SkiesWasteland40Antony Johnston2012  
Sleeping SatelliteWasteland41Antony Johnston2012  
This Woman's WorkWasteland42Antony Johnston2012  
Issue no. 1Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 1Boom! Comics2012  
Issue no. 2Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 2Boom! Comics2012  
Issue no. 3Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 3Boom! Comics2012  
Issue no. 4Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm 4Boom! Comics2012  
Issue 1Fanboys vs. Zombies1Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 2Fanboys vs. Zombies2Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 3Fanboys vs. Zombies3Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 4Fanboys vs. Zombies4Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 5Fanboys vs. Zombies5Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 6Fanboys vs. Zombies6Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 7Fanboys vs. Zombies7Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 8Fanboys vs. Zombies8Boom! Studios2012  
Issue 9Fanboys vs. Zombies9Boom! Studios2012  
Night Has Come, The 4Stand, The29Marval2012  
Night Has Come, The 5Stand, The30Marval2012  
Night Has Come, The 6Stand, The31Marval2012  
Children Of Fire, Part 2Planet of the Apes (Boom!)10Boom! Studios2012  
Children Of Fire, Part 3Planet of the Apes (Boom!)11Boom! Studios2012  
Children Of Fire, Part 4Planet of the Apes (Boom!)12Boom! Studios2012  
Half Man The, Part 1Planet of the Apes (Boom!)13Boom! Studios2012  
Half Man The, Part 2Planet of the Apes (Boom!)14Boom! Studios2012  
Half Man The, Part 3Planet of the Apes (Boom!)15Boom! Studios2012  
Half Man The, Part 4Planet of the Apes (Boom!)16Boom! Studios2012  
Larger World, AWalking Dead, The16Image2012  
Something To FearWalking Dead, The17Image2012  
Animal Armies, Part 3Sweet Tooth15Jeff Lemire2011  
Animal Armies, Part 4Sweet Tooth16Jeff Lemire2011  
Animal Armies, Part 5Sweet Tooth17Jeff Lemire2011  
Further Adventures of The Boy and The Big Man, TheSweet Tooth18Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, PreludeSweet Tooth19Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 1Sweet Tooth20Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 2Sweet Tooth21Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 3Sweet Tooth22Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 4Sweet Tooth23Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 5Sweet Tooth24Jeff Lemire2011  
Endangered Species, Part 6Sweet Tooth25Jeff Lemire2011  
Taxidermist, The, Part 1Sweet Tooth26Jeff Lemire2011  
How To Be DeadWasteland30Antony Johnston2011  
For All You Leave BehindWasteland31Antony Johnston2011  
My Hope, The DestroyerWasteland32Antony Johnston2011  
Issue no. 6Logan's Run: Last Day6Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Who Will Save Beck?Jericho: Season 34IDW2011  
Remember New BernJericho: Season 35IDW2011  
Foes Become FriendsJericho: Season 36IDW2011  
No Man's Land 1Stand, The21Marval2011  
No Man's Land 2Stand, The22Marval2011  
No Man's Land 3Stand, The23Marval2011  
No Man's Land 4Stand, The24Marval2011  
No Man's Land 5Stand, The25Marval2011  
Night Has Come, The 1Stand, The26Marval2011  
Night Has Come, The 2Stand, The27Marval2011  
Night Has Come, The 3Stand, The28Marval2011  
Long War The, Part 1Planet of the Apes (Boom!)1Boom! Studios2011  
Long War The, Part 2Planet of the Apes (Boom!)2Boom! Studios2011  
Long War The, Part 3Planet of the Apes (Boom!)3Boom! Studios2011  
Long War The, Part 4Planet of the Apes (Boom!)4Boom! Studios2011  
Devil's Pawn The, Part 1Planet of the Apes (Boom!)5Boom! Studios2011  
Devil's Pawn The, Part 2Planet of the Apes (Boom!)6Boom! Studios2011  
Devil's Pawn The, Part 3Planet of the Apes (Boom!)7Boom! Studios2011  
Devil's Pawn The, Part 4Planet of the Apes (Boom!)8Boom! Studios2011  
Children Of Fire, Part 1Planet of the Apes (Boom!)9Boom! Studios2011  
No Way OutWalking Dead, The14Image2011  
We Find OurselvesWalking Dead, The15Image2011  
Out of the Deep Woods, Part 3Sweet Tooth3Jeff Lemire2010  
Out of the Deep Woods, Part 4Sweet Tooth4Jeff Lemire2010  
Out of the Deep Woods, Part 5Sweet Tooth5Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, Part 1Sweet Tooth6Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, Part 2Sweet Tooth7Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, Part 3Sweet Tooth8Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, Part 4Sweet Tooth9Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, InterludeSweet Tooth10Jeff Lemire2010  
In Captivity, Part 5Sweet Tooth11Jeff Lemire2010  
Singh Tapes, TheSweet Tooth12Jeff Lemire2010  
Animal Armies, Part 1Sweet Tooth13Jeff Lemire2010  
Animal Armies, Part 2Sweet Tooth14Jeff Lemire2010  
Enemy, TheWasteland27Antony Johnston2010  
Rebel Without a PauseWasteland28Antony Johnston2010  
Kick in the EyeWasteland29Antony Johnston2010  
Issue no. 0Logan's Run: Last Day0Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Logan's Run: Last DayLogan's Run: Last Day1Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Future History, TheLogan's Run: Last Day2Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Issue no. 3Logan's Run: Last Day3Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Issue no. 4Logan's Run: Last Day4Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Issue no. 5Logan's Run: Last Day5Daniel Gete
Lynn Varley
Paul J. Salamoff
Baltimore; Resurrection Tales: BurntResurrection7Marc Guggenheim2010  
Interludes; Resurrection Tales: WolfResurrection8Marc Guggenheim2010  
Gift, TheResurrection9Marc Guggenheim2010  
Infected; Lot ThirteenResurrection10Marc Guggenheim2010  
Bargaining; The Return of St. JohnResurrection11Marc Guggenheim2010  
Passing; Surrender, Hiroo OnodaResurrection12Marc Guggenheim2010  
AlmostResurrection13Marc Guggenheim2010  
Chavez is Out ThereJericho: Season 32IDW2010  
Smith Has the KeyJericho: Season 33IDW2010  
Soul Survivors 2Stand, The12Marval2010  
Soul Survivors 3Stand, The13Marval2010  
Soul Survivors 4Stand, The14Marval2010  
Soul Survivors 5Stand, The15Marval2010  
Hardcases 1Stand, The16Marval2010  
Hardcases 2Stand, The17Marval2010  
Hardcases 3Stand, The18Marval2010  
Hardcases 4Stand, The19Marval2010  
Hardcases 5Stand, The20Marval2010  
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West  Marvel2010warfantastical
The Space Beneath: Part 2: The Fire Down BelowBuck Rogers8Dynamite2010  
Friends In High Places, Part One: What Goes Up...Buck Rogers9Dynamite2010  
Friends In High Places Part Two: Fight Or FlightBuck Rogers10Dynamite2010  
Moonfall part 1 of 2: Tumbling DownBuck Rogers11Dynamite2010  
Moonstruck, Part Two: Shoot the Moon!Buck Rogers12Dynamite2010  
Fear the HuntersWalking Dead, The11Image2010  
Life Among ThemWalking Dead, The12Image2010  
Too Far GoneWalking Dead, The13Image2010  
Out of the Deep Woods, Part 1Sweet Tooth1Jeff Lemire2009  
Out of the Deep Woods, Part 2Sweet Tooth2Jeff Lemire2009  
Hounds of LoveWasteland23Antony Johnston2009  
Dog Eat DogWasteland24Antony Johnston2009  
Planet CaravanWasteland25Antony Johnston2009  
Childhood's End?Wasteland26Antony Johnston2009  
Dwight; Horn Like MeResurrection0Marc Guggenheim2009  
Days After, TheResurrection1Marc Guggenheim2009  
Book Two, Chapter Two: Red Lion; MercyResurrection2Marc Guggenheim2009  
TransgressionResurrection3Marc Guggenheim2009  
EagleResurrection4Marc Guggenheim2009  
Kind of PenanceResurrection5Marc Guggenheim2009  
Exodus; Resurrection Tales: NoahResurrection6Marc Guggenheim2009  
You Can't Shut This DownJericho: Season 31IDW2009  
Captain Trips 5Stand, The5Marval2009  
American Nightmares 1Stand, The6Marval2009  
American Nightmares 2Stand, The7Marval2009  
American Nightmares 3Stand, The8Marval2009  
American Nightmares 4Stand, The9Marval2009  
American Nightmares 5Stand, The10Marval2009  
Soul Survivors 1Stand, The11Marval2009  
Issue 0Buck Rogers0Dynamite2009  
Future Shock, Part 1 - One Giant LeapBuck Rogers1Dynamite2009  
Future Shock, Part Two: Animal HusbandryBuck Rogers2Dynamite2009