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Last Boy on Earth, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth1DC1972  
Year of the Rat!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth2DC1972  
Thing That Grew On The Moon, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth3DC1973  
Devil's Arena, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth4DC1973  
One-Armed Bandit, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth5DC1973  
Captives of the Lion Men!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth6DC1973  
Monster Fetish, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth7DC1973  
Beyond ReasonKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth8DC1973  
Tracking Site!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth9DC1973  
Killer Germ!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth10DC1973  
Issue 11Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth11DC1973  
Devil And Mister Sacker, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth12DC1973  
Issue 13Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth13DC1974  
Issue 14Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth14DC1974  
Issue 15Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth15DC1974  
Hospital, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth16DC1974  
Human Gophers of Ohio, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth17DC1974  
Eater, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth18DC1974  
Issue 19Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth19DC1974  
The Electric Chair!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth20DC1974  
The Fish!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth21DC1974  
The Red BaronKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth22DC1974  
Kamandi and Goliath!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth23DC1974  
Exorcism, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth24DC1974  
To Rage Upon The Land!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth25DC1975  
Issue 26Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth26DC1975  
Issue 27Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth27DC1975  
Enforce the Atlantic TestamentKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth28DC1975  
Mighty OneKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth29DC1975  
U.F.O. The Wildest Trip Ever!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth30DC1975  
Issue 31Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth31DC1975  
Issue 32Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth32DC1975  
Blood and FireKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth33DC1975  
Pretty PyraKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth34DC1975  
Soyuz Survivor, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth35DC1975  
Issue 36Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth36DC1975  
Crater People, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth37DC1976  
Pyra RevealedKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth38DC1976  
Airquarium, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth39DC1976  
Lizard Lords of Los Lorraine, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth40DC1976  
Hollywood Hounds, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth41DC1976  
Gunfight at Coyote CorralKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth42DC1976  
Connecticut Mutant in Great Casesar's Court, AKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth43DC1976  
Merchant of Menace, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth44DC1976  
Little People, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth45DC1976  
Wrath and the Fury, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth46DC1976  
Assault in the Clouds!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth47DC1976  
Betrayal, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth48DC1977  
Trial By Fear!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth49DC1977  
Death Worshippers, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth50DC1977  
Next to the Last Boy on Earth, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth51DC1977  
Sing a Song of SurvivalKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth52DC1977  
Catnip Connection, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth53DC1977  
Eternity Trap, The!Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth54DC1977  
Vortex Beast, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth55DC1978  
Sign of Three, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth56DC1978  
Behold: EvermoreKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth57DC1978  
Enter: The LegionnaireKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth58DC1978  
Wondrous Western Wall, TheKamandi: The Last Boy on Earth59DC1978  
The Survivors Vol. 1: Talons of BloodJeremiah (Translated)1Hermann Huppen1982  
The Survivors Vol. 2: The Eyes That BurnedJeremiah (Translated)4Hermann Huppen1983  
Issue 12000 AD1Quality Comics1986  
Issue 22000 AD2Quality Comics1986  
Issue 32000 AD3Quality Comics1986  
Issue 42000 AD4Quality Comics1986  
Issue 52000 AD5Quality Comics1986  
Issue 62000 AD6Quality Comics1986  
Issue 72000 AD7Quality Comics1986  
Issue 82000 AD8Quality Comics1986  
Issue 92000 AD9Quality Comics1986  
Issue 1Winter World1Eclipse1987  
Issue 2Winter World2Eclipse1987  
Issue 102000 AD10Quality Comics1987  
Issue 112000 AD11Quality Comics1987  
Issue 122000 AD12Quality Comics1987  
Issue 132000 AD13Quality Comics1987  
Issue 142000 AD14Quality Comics1987  
Issue 152000 AD15Quality Comics1987  
Issue 162000 AD16Quality Comics1987  
Issue 172000 AD17Quality Comics1987  
Issue 182000 AD18Quality Comics1987  
Issue 192000 AD19Quality Comics1987  
New Humans, TheNew Humans, The1Pied Piper1987  
The Sun Never Sets..., TheNew Humans, The2Pied Piper1987  
Anarchy in the U.K.New Humans, The3Pied Piper1987  
Issue no. 1Terminator, The1Now Comics1988  
Issue no. 2Terminator, The2Now Comics1988  
If I Had a Rocket LauncherTerminator, The3Now Comics1988  
AmahiriTerminator, The4Now Comics1988  
Issue 3Winter World3Eclipse1988  
Issue 1Outlanders1Dark Horse1988  
Issue 202000 AD20Quality Comics1988  
Issue 212000 AD21Quality Comics1988  
Issue 222000 AD22Quality Comics1988  
Issue 232000 AD23Quality Comics1988  
Issue 242000 AD24Quality Comics1988  
Issue 252000 AD25Quality Comics1988  
Issue 262000 AD26Quality Comics1988  
Issue 272000 AD27Quality Comics1988  
Issue 282000 AD28Quality Comics1988  
Issue 292000 AD29Quality Comics1988  
Issue 302000 AD30Quality Comics1988  
Issue 312000 AD31Quality Comics1988  
Issue 322000 AD32Quality Comics1988  
Issue 332000 AD33Quality Comics1988  
JuxtapositionNew Humans, The4Pied Piper1988  
RelicsNew Humans, The5Pied Piper1988  
MasqueradeNew Humans, The6Pied Piper1988  
Screams of the Mad JellyfishNew Humans, The7Pied Piper1988  
NemesisNew Humans, The8Pied Piper1988  
Junkyard DogNew Humans, The9Pied Piper1988  
Bee Stings, TheTerminator, The5Now Comics1989  
Goin' Back to MiamiTerminator, The6Now Comics1989  
Big Bad Wolf: A Dog Bites Man StoryTerminator, The7Now Comics1989  
In the Belly of the Beast!Terminator, The8Now Comics1989  
Issue no. 9Terminator, The9Now Comics1989  
Issue no. 10Terminator, The10Now Comics1989  
FactoriesTerminator, The11Now Comics1989  
Night ConvoyTerminator, The12Now Comics1989  
Issue no. 13Terminator, The13Now Comics1989  
Into the Deep Blue SeaTerminator, The14Now Comics1989  
See Cuba and Die!Terminator, The15Now Comics1989  
Issue 2Outlanders2Dark Horse1989  
Issue 3Outlanders3Dark Horse1989  
Issue 4Outlanders4Dark Horse1989  
Issue 5Outlanders5Dark Horse1989  
Issue 6Outlanders6Dark Horse1989  
Issue 7Outlanders7Dark Horse1989  
Issue 8Outlanders8Dark Horse1989  
Issue 9Outlanders9Dark Horse1989  
Issue 10Outlanders10Dark Horse1989  
Issue 11Outlanders11Dark Horse1989  
Issue 12Outlanders12Dark Horse1989  
Issue 342000 AD34Quality Comics1989  
Issue 352000 AD35Quality Comics1989  
Issue 362000 AD36Quality Comics1989  
Issue 372000 AD37Quality Comics1989  
Issue 382000 AD38Quality Comics1989  
Issue 392000 AD39Quality Comics1989  
Issue 402000 AD40Quality Comics1989  
Issue 412000 AD41Quality Comics1989  
Issue 422000 AD42Quality Comics1989  
Issue 432000 AD43Quality Comics1989  
Issue 442000 AD44Quality Comics1989  
Issue 452000 AD45Quality Comics1989  
Partner to GhostsNew Humans, The10Pied Piper1989  
Annual 01: The Saucer Men of AtlantisNew Humans, The10Pied Piper1989  
Methuselah Society, Part One: The Eternity Pool, TheNew Humans, The11Pied Piper1989  
Methuselah Society, Part Two: Meat Puppet, TheNew Humans, The12Pied Piper1989  
Methuselah Society, Part Three: "Enemy of My Enemy," TheNew Humans, The13Pied Piper1989  
Methuselah Society, Part Four: The Day the Earth Stood still, TheNew Humans, The14Pied Piper1989  
Methuselah Society, Final Chapter: Everything Old is New Again!, TheNew Humans, The15Pied Piper1989  
StrikeJeremiah (Translated)13Hermann Huppen1990  
BeneathPlanet of the Apes1Charles Marshall1990  
Escape!Planet of the Apes2Charles Marshall1990  
ConquestPlanet of the Apes3Charles Marshall1990  
BattlePlanet of the Apes4Charles Marshall1990  
LossPlanet of the Apes5Charles Marshall1990  
Welcome to Ape CityPlanet of the Apes6Charles Marshall1990  
Survival of the FittestPlanet of the Apes7Charles Marshall1990  
Here Comes Travellin' Jack!Planet of the Apes8Charles Marshall1990  
Issue no. 1Logan's Run1Barry Blair1990  
Issue no. 2Logan's Run2Barry Blair1990  
Issue no. 3Logan's Run3Barry Blair1990  
Issue no. 4Logan's Run4Barry Blair1990  
Issue no. 5Logan's Run5Barry Blair1990  
Issue no. 6Logan's Run6Barry Blair1990  
Battle of Cuba, TheTerminator, The16Now Comics1990  
Escape to Silver DollarTerminator, The17Now Comics1990  
Issue 13Outlanders13Dark Horse1990  
Issue 14Outlanders14Dark Horse1990  
Issue 15Outlanders15Dark Horse1990  
Issue 16Outlanders16Dark Horse1990  
Issue 17Outlanders17Dark Horse1990  
Issue 18Outlanders18Dark Horse1990  
Issue 19Outlanders19Dark Horse1990  
Issue 20Outlanders20Dark Horse1990  
Issue 21Outlanders21Dark Horse1990  
Issue 22Outlanders22Dark Horse1990  
Issue 23Outlanders23Dark Horse1990  
Issue 24Outlanders24Dark Horse1990  
Issue 462000 AD46Quality Comics1990  
Issue 472000 AD47Quality Comics1990  
Issue 482000 AD48Quality Comics1990  
Issue 492000 AD49Quality Comics1990  
Issue 502000 AD50Quality Comics1990  
Issue 512000 AD51Quality Comics1990  
Issue 522000 AD52Quality Comics1990  
Issue 532000 AD53Quality Comics1990  
Issue 542000 AD54Quality Comics1990  
Birds of Prey no.1Jeremiah (Translated)1Hermann Huppen1991  
Birds of Prey no.2Jeremiah (Translated)1Hermann Huppen1991  
Fistful of Sand, A no.1Jeremiah (Translated)2Hermann Huppen1991  
Fistful of Sand, A no.2Jeremiah (Translated)2Hermann Huppen1991  
Heirs, The no.1Jeremiah (Translated)3Hermann Huppen1991  
Heirs, The no.2Jeremiah (Translated)3Hermann Huppen1991  
Issue no. 1Dredd Rules!1Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 2Dredd Rules!2Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 3Dredd Rules!3Alan Grant1991  
Issue no. 4Dredd Rules!4Alan Grant1991