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Hunter Killer

Written By:James Rouch - 1981

  • Hunter Killer - James Rouch cover


Along the ravaged countryside, dead bodies lay trapped in icy graves as the bleak face of winter froze the devastation along the battle­ground known as The Zone. Russian SA-8 missiles silently stood wait­ing and ready to heat up the cold war as freezing temperatures all but closed the Baltic ports. While a Soviet fleet planned a killer punch to the convoy routes, American Major Revell and British Sergeant Hyde of the joint NATO strike force plotted their course of action. They would get one chance to maintain the balance of power in The Zone and stop the Russians. And they knew that their men-frostbitten but stalwart heroes-would do anything to defend their free way of life. The only ch;mce was an air drop onto a Swedish island-a sabotage mission in Arctic weather to strike down the deadly warships amid the icy terror of "OPEN FIRE" Both launchers were fired at the same instant, but it was the rockets sent against the anchored amphibi­ous warfare ship that found their mark first. Caught off guard by an attack from a totally unexpected direction, the ship's radar-directed gat­lings didn't even react, and every warhead got through. Two exploded over the bridge, sending a storm of white-hot fragments into the Hnarmoured upper­works and totally destroying the vessel's fit of radar masts and dishes. While others might be able to watch the effects of the strike on metal, Boris could hear its effects on men. The weary supply clerk aboard the Rogov was drowned out for a moment as the salvo struck, then he could hear their shouting, then screaming. Boris could make out the words "fire" and "door." In a moment, all sounds melted into the darkness, leaving a deadly silence instead.




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