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Hard Target

Written By:James Rouch - 1980

  • Hard Target - James Rouch cover


IN THE WAR OF THE FUTURE, DEATH IS AS BLOODY AS EVER! Across the hellish strip of Western Europe known as The Zone, super tanks armed with tactical nuclear weapons, lethal chemicals, and fiercely accurate missiles roam the germ-infested terrain. The weapons are sophisticated, the stakes are high, and death is as bloody as ever. War in the mist-enshrouded Zone is a giant game of hide and seek—with a deadly booby prize for the losers. But British Sergeant Hyde and American Major Revell of the joint NATO strike force intend to win. Their men are mavericks, misfits, and the very best the free world has to offer. Their mission—to destroy a Soviet tank salvage unit situated behind a refugee camp—is all but impossible. Except the impossible happens all too often in the nightmarish no-man's-land of THE ZONE.




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