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Written By:John Boorman - 1974

  • Zardoz - John Boorman cover


The odyssey of Zed the Warrior in the Barbarian Future — caught between the brutal and eternals in a battle for the world!

Zed the Exterminator

Zed was an exterminator, one of the select group given guns and allowed to ride out among the Brutals, slaying as he pleased, raping and breeding with their women, and carrying out the will of the great god Zardoz.

Rebellion was madness — yet this madness rose in Zed the Exterminator as he stood alone against the Godhead...


Was this heaven or hell?

With numbering terror Zed looked down at the man he had killed, while behind him the beautiful woman smiled. Slowly the corpse was coming together again, returning to life—and now Zed knew that his weapons were useless in this place where life was eternal.

Then why had he been permitted to invade this sacred city—he, one of the despised creatures who still dwelled among the ruins of earth? What did the all-knowing, all-powerful inhabitants want of him?

Had Zed the Exterminator been brought here to be destroyed—or to be transformed into the ultimate instrument of death... ?


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