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Year Zero

Written By:Jeff Long - 2002

  • Year Zero - Jeff Long cover


In Jerusalem, an American archaeologist working on Project Year Zero—the search for the historical Jesus—crosses the line between science and theft when he helps plunder an old Roman landfil beneath the crucifixion grounds known as Golgotha. Nathan Lee Swift's crime will have devastating consequences. When an ancient relic is opened on the black market, a two-thousand-year-old plague is unleashed—and the dying begins.

As the pestilence threatens to wipe out humanity, he finds a chance for redemption—by finding the cure. Skirting the edges of civilization, Nathan Lee sets out to find his younger daughter and travels to Los Alamos, where a desperate tactic has been adopted: the use of human lab rats cloned from Project Year Zero remains. Now Nathan Lee will come face-to-face with one special cloned human who may hold the key to salvation—in more ways than one. For Patient Zero claims to remember who he is...

And his name is Jesus Christ.


"Adventure novels don't get much gutsier than this." -Booklist

In The Descent, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Long led readers into the darkest regions of suspense and adventure. Now he returns with an apocalytic scenario that threatens to eradicate mankind.

"YEAR ZERO is a grand and sobering adventure, brilliantly conceived and ferociously intense. The dangers that it poses could be all too real... I was captured by this book... A terrific read." -Whitley Strieber, author of The Hunger and Lilith's Dream

"A superbly original thriller. Terrifying and exquisite in a single breath. Jeff Long writes with poetry, style, and pace... crafting his twists and doling out his delectable details with exceptionally gratifying results. YEAR ZERO is first-rate entertainment." -Dan Brown, author of Angels and Demons and Deception Point

"Long seems to always tackle the big picture... He did it with The Descent, and he does it here again." -The Denver Post

"Fast reading... just plausible enough to make readers queasy." -Rocky Mountain News

"The sum of this complex tale is more than its parts of medical thriller, archeological fiction, action/adventure and doomsday scenario, as Long thrills with an intricate puzzle. Long mounts one nearly impossible escape scene after another and doesn't miss a step as he builds a no-win scenario, then pulls it out. The shifting terrain is vibrantly portrayed, the religious fallout is deftly handled and the characters engage completely as they face a gruesome end to civilization in this dashing, exciting thriller." -Publishers Weekly

"YEAR ZERO is a rich stew—chucks of horror and science fiction swimming in a broth of apocalyptic melodrama and religious imagery... Keeps you turning the pages." -The Daily Camera (CO)

"[A] clever, apocalyptic thriller... Long writes stylishly and tells a good yarn." -Kirkus Reviews

"Long has... put together a story that equals [The Descent] for freshness and ambition... Long makes way-out-in-left-field plotlines seem plausible, and he make the fantastic seem real." -Booklist

"Long once again combines adventure, horror, religion, and philosophy... absorbing reading... Those who enjoyed The Descent will find YEAR ZERO equally compelling." -Library Journal

"An action-packed apocalyptic thriller... Fans of taut end-of-the-world thrillers will want to read Jeff Long's tale that leaves the audience captivated into a one-sitting read." -Harriet Klausner