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Wrath of God

Written By:Bob Gleason - 1994

  • Wrath of God - Bob Gleason cover


Leaving behind a world of bleached bones, mountains of skulls, a trail of rape and savagery unparalleled in human, the barbarian armies of a modern-day Khan are bearing down on a weakened America that has lost its way, its will, and its courage. All that stands between the horde and America's last citadel is a ragtag army of cowboys led by an old woman who never learned how to surrender—and a Los Alamos renegade who has ripped a hole in Time and rescued three heros—George S. Patton, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, and Amelia Earhart—from their own deaths so that a doomed nation might survive.


The greatest apocalyptic thriller since The Stand

"Bold... Brilliant... Apocalyptic... A breathtaking gallopwith the horde from Hell right behind you." —Nelson DeMille, Author of The New York Times bestseller, Spencerville

"Robert Gleason hurts you through a labyrinth of exiciting escapades filled with historical figures out of the past, all of which unwinds to a remarkable ending. The wildest read of the year!" —Clive Cussler, Author of The New York Times bestseller Inca Gold/Sahara

"A real page turner!" —Terry Brooks, Bestselling author of Sword of Shannara

"I'm impressed, I'm dazzled, I'm amazed. Clancy, Follett, Koontz fans will feel at home!" —F. Paul Wilson, author of The Select

"An urgent apocalyptic story... a great book full of electric action!" —Larry Bond, author of Red Phoenix

"The publisher should issue a financial prize to anyone who can put the book down without finishing it." —Orlando Sentinel

"A compulsive page-turner." —Hartford Courant

"You'll find dazzling imagery, boldly evocative descriptions, larger-than-life heroes and villains, and, at the same time an imaginative yet all-too-real tale that will take your breath away. I'd love to see Paramount—which made Eye for an Eye—turn Wrath of God into a movie." —Erika Holzer, author of Eye for an Eye

"Wrath of God is a towering, transcendent epic and efforts to categorize it make not much more sense than arguing about whether Homer's Odyssey is a sea tale or a historical novel or a poem. It is all of the above. So is Wrath of God, and I am flabbergasted by its brilliance." —Warren Murphy, New York Times bestselling author of The Forever Kind and Grandmaster

"In Wrath of God the author displays a novelistic cunning and courage quite unlike anything I've read. Using several genres—western, science fiction, fantasy, historical—he merges and transcends them all, while simultaneously giving you a hell of a read. This is one Wild Bunch I'd love to saddle up with—and one author I'd definitely turn to again." —Keith Ferrell, Editor, Omni

"A marvelous adventure, bold and bracing. The novel works because of the pounding narrative, the heart-stopping scenes of battle and endurance, and some memorable characters, especially the women. (Old Katherine Margruder reminds me of formidable Scots and Irish warrior-women in my own lineage.) Wrath of God is fun—a wild roller-coaster ride that will have you screaming yet unable to stir from your seat. But, like all good stories, it also extends our sense of what's possible." —Robert Moss, author of The New York Times bestsellers The Spike, Death Beam and Monimba

"I finished Wrath of God the other night and frankly I was a bit overwhelmed by what is accomplished. It manages to transcend boundaries, jump fiction's fences and be something on its own. It is one hell of a book." —David Hagberg, author of Critical Mass and winner of three American Mystery Awards

"An extraordinary novel that has the kind of surging power and breadth of theme that makes it bestselling material. It compares very favorably with epic bestsellers as Jurassic Park, Fatherland, and Football." —John Farris, New York Times bestselling author of The Fury and Fiends

"Powerful and unusual, Wrath of God is a big book written large, one which will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers: high adventure fans, SF enthusiasts, and those into history and exotica. The military component—tough and bloody as it is/was—will also attract a wide audience. Wrath of God is definitely going to be noticed, and the writer's fierce, special vision debated. I've never read anything like it." —Walter Wager, Award-winning author of Die Hard 2 and Telefon

"Surprising and exciting!" —Richard Marcinko, author of The New York Times bestseller, Rogue Warrior

"Only an inspired genius could weave the Civil War, Islamic armies, pyramids of human skulls, Apache mysticism, time travel, General George Patton, artistic torture, the sanctification of death, and a worried adolescent triceratops into such a masterful tapestry. The words ‘epic' and ‘classic' were coined just for books like Wrath of God." —Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear, bestselling authors of People of the Sea

"Wrath of God tells an urgent, apocalyptic story, weaving historical figures with fictional characters and bringing them into perfect focus. Imaginative and fascinating, it is a great book full of electric action." —Larry Bond, author of The New York Times bestsellers Red Phoenix and Vortex

"I read the entire book in one Saturday sitting, starting at 10:00 A.M. and finishing at 4:15 P.M., found it fascinating. Wrath of God is ‘good versus evil' at gut-level intensity, coupled with classic military maneuvering, Machiavellian plotting, realistic scenes of torture, suffering at the foot-soldier level, an evil woman, a young heroine, some John Wayne-type heroes, and the wonderful irony of endangered (even extinct!) species coming to the aid of the most dangerous species of them all. In short, Wrath of God is a great read for anyone who likes a dash of fantasy, a scoop of science and a bucketful of historically accurate, savagely realistic violence in a fast-moving thriller." —Ken Goddard, New York Times bestselling author of Balefire and Prey

"I'm impressed, I'm amazed, I'm dazzled. Wrath of God is a novel for all seasons and for all readers who yearn to be gripped by a book and pulled headlong into its pages. How do I describe this book? Audacious is the word that leaps immediately to mind. For fans of Clancy, Koontz, Follett, Heinlein, or L'Amour, Wrath of God will feel like home. Novels like this don't come along very often, and readers are starved for them. Wrath of God should be a very big book." —F. Paul Wilson, author of the bestselling novel, The Select

"An extraordinary novel, a tour de force of the imagination. I've read a good many apocalyptic, post nuclear war novels and Wrath of God is, by a league or two, the most ingenious and fun to read." —Dale Walker, columnist, Rocky Mountain News

"Every once in a while, you read a novel that makes fiction seem brand new again. Wrath of God is such a book. It blends high adventure with unflinching realism and shocking violence, then heats the mixture to a fever pitch. More than just another thriller, it is a work of powerful passion, personal poetry, and profound ideas. Wrath of God is a thunderous assault on history, conceived on the grandest possible scale. When you are done, you will view our past and our future with a different eye. Wrath of God will make you think, feel, care—and leave you changed." —Mystery Scene

Wrath of God is a classical novel, bringing alive the universal clash between good and evil in the affairs of God and men. It is full of archetypal figures, men and women of great power, paragons of good and of evil, heroes and devils, monumental figures facing monumental challenges in a ultimate showdown—all couched in the gritty, fully imagined reality of constant action. It's a historical novel that draws a cast a characters from across the reaches of time and brings them together to a thunderous climax... A universal story full of love and loss and heartbreak and heartmending." —David Nevin, author of The New York Times bestseller Dream West