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The Bewitchments of Love and Hate

Written By:Storm Constantine - 1988

  • The Bewitchments of Love and Hate  - Storm Constantine cover


The second volume in Storm’s original Wraeththu trilogy, expanded and updated. Swift is a young harling, growing up among the Varrs, one of the most feared of Wraeththu tribes. When a face from the past reappears, amid a host of dire omens, Swift has to face the truth about his own kind, and make difficult decisions about what is best for their future.

"‘Never speak his name, never!’ Cobweb warned. ‘Never whistle in the dark for it summons evil and he will hear it. In the treetops, the feathered ones will know. Watch them, Swift, watch the birds!’

That night I had a terrible dream. In the dream, the yellow-haired har was standing in a wreath of shadowy flames and his beauty was ugliness. He saw me and snared me in horror. ‘Call me,’ he whispered and held out his hands, which were dripping red and shaking. I tried to turn away, run away, but I could not move. His eyes transfixed me. ‘Call me!’

A terrible whine started in my throat, a sound I could not control. When I woke up I was shrieking, 'Cal! Cal!' and lights were being turned on hurriedly in the hall outside my room. I heard footsteps, running."




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