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World's End

The Warrior of World's End

Written By:Lin Carter - 1974

  • The Warrior of World's End  - Lin Carter cover


The farthest future as seen by the master of sword and sorcery...

I see Gondwane as it shall be in the untold ages of dim futurity, near the time when the Earth shall be man's habitation no more, and the great night shall enfold all, and naught but the cold stars shall reign. The first sign of the end ye shall see in the heavens, for Lo! The Moon is falling, falling. And there shall come a man into the lands, a man not like other men, but sent from Galendil.

The name of the man is Ganelon Silvermane—and this is the first of a new marvel-adventure series by Lin Carter.


The advent of Ganelon Silvermane

The azure deluge had, a split-second before, been lit to noonday dazzle by an unearthly flare of purplish lightning. By the sudden glare Iminix had seen, or thought she had seen, a naked and gigantic man stumbling through the downpour. A man taller than any True Human she had ever seen, with the broad, powerful shoulders, the swelling thews and narrow waist and lean hips and long, sinewy legs of a gladiator or a hero out of legend. But what man would be here in The Barrens, a region rumored to be unwholesome in the extreme? And why would he be devoid of clothing and of weapons? Perhaps she had merely glimpsed a mirage, born of the blue flood and the sudden flash of astral fire...

She waited for another flare of lightning and when, in a moment, it came, she saw again the bare and mighty-muscled figure, stumbling among the lurching crystals, sliding and floundering in the sparkling blue mud.




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