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World's End

The Immortal of World's End

Written By:Lin Carter - 1976

  • The Immortal of World's End  - Lin Carter cover


DAW Books #210. Ganelon Silvermane, the genetically designed superhero of the Earth's fabulous final age, has rapidly become the most popular of all Lin Carter's creations. Brought to life prematurely, Ganelon's adventures in a world of crumbling empires, ravaging hordes, and marvelous relics of forgotten scientific empires are always edge-of-the-seat wonder novels-the best creation of the author of the Thongor, Green Star, and Callisto books, to mention but a few! Now, in this third novel of Gondwane, Ganelon Silvermane encounters a city of illusion, the problem of scientific immortals, and the disastrous collision of a massive horde of the world's ultimate barbarians!




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