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The World Without Us

Written By:Alan Weisman - 2007

  • The World Without Us  - Alan Weisman cover


"This is one of the grandest thought experiments of our time, a tremendous feat of imaginative reporting!" —Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy and The End of Nature

"The imaginative power of The World Without Us in compulsive and nearly hypnotic—make sure you have time to be kidnapped into Alan Weisman's alternative world before you sit down with the book, because you won't soon return. This is a text that has a chance to change people, and so make a real difference for the planet." —Charles Wohlforth, author of the L.A. Times Book Prize—winning The Whale and the Supercomputer

"Alan Weisman offers us a sketch of where we stand as a species that is both illuminating and terrifying. His tone is conversational and his affection for both Earth and humanity transparent." —Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams

"An exacting account of the processes by which things fall apart. The scope is breathtaking... the clarity and lyricism of the writing itself left me with repeated gasps of recognition about the human condition. I believe it will be a classic." —Dennis Covington, author of the National Book Award finalist Salvation on Sand Mountain

"Fascinating, mordant, deeply intelligent, and beautifully written, The World Without Us depicts the spectacle of humanity's impact on the planet Earth in tragically poignant terms that go far beyond the dry dictates of science. This is a very important book for a species playing games with its own destiny." —James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency