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Wizard of Linn

Written By:A.E. Van Vogt - 1962

  • Wizard of Linn - A.E. Van Vogt cover

    Manor Books - 1975

  • Wizard of Linn - A.E. Van Vogt cover

    Ace Books - 1962


Manor Books - 1975

Earth was helpless after the atomic holocaust—Ready prey for alien invaders

12000 A.D.

The Earth, after the atomic holocaust, had reverted to a strange kind of barbarism where men could build space ships but could not communicate except by the most primitive means.

Alien invaders had been sighted at the edge of the galaxy—but no one took action. Only one man, THE WIZARD OF LINN, could save the decadent empire and with his mysterious powers, prevent the Earth's destruction.

Alone against the universe

The aliens were coming to destroy Earth. Everybody knew it, but they did nothing. They were too busy fighting among themselves, planning bigger spectacles for the arena and engaging in petty intrigues to gain little real power.

Only one man—a mutant—knew how to fight the aliens. But he could not count on the support of a single Earthman. He had to work alone against a universe of enemies, and if he failed, the Earth was lost...

Ace Books - 1962

He tapped the voice for unheard-of powers

The return of the Riss meant devastation and extinction to the Empire of Linn, and eventually to the entire human race. For alien beings, whose weapons defied destruction, did not know the meaning of compromise.

Only the mind of Lord Clane, mutant master of science, might hold the key to defense and ultimate victory. But between the untapping of that secret and space triumph there lay an abyss of super-scienctific mysteries and sub-human treacheries that even THE WIZARD OF LINN might not be able to overcome.

Unearthly powers for an earthly defender

Bringing the human race back to the supremacy it had once enjoyed in the Solar System was task enough, even for a man as gifted as Clane, THE WIZARD OF LINN. What with the ambitions of the brilliant barbarian, Czinczar, and the pretty intrigues of the still powerful nobility, Clane kept quite busy.

But when to his tasks was added the menace of the Riss, aliens from the stars who had devastated humanity once, and who were now on their way back, Clane knew his supreme challenge had come.


Ace Books - 1962

A. E. Van Vogt, master of super-science pyrotechnics, is in top form with this cosmic-staged novel, never before available in book form.