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Written By:Mack Maloney - 1987

  • Wingman - Mack Maloney cover


Rising up from the ruins of American civlization—he is the last of a ravaged land!


Disarmed and leaderless, the United States is united no longer. The capital city of Washington has been reduced to a smoking pile of radioactive rubble. In weeks a proud nation is decimated in a deadly rain of treachery and deceit, driven to the depths of chaos and madness under the brutal heel of the evil Soviet warlords.

Out of the blasted ruins of a once great land emerges a hero for the ages, Hawk Hunter, the brilliant ace fighter pilot. A fearless man of extraordinary abilities crossing a warblackened landscape, a nightmarish breeding ground of fanaticism, slavery and unspeakable carnage; of violence, disorder and death. A savage lone warrior on bloody road to retribution, keeping alive the indomitable spirit of a forgotten dream called "America."



Hawk Hunter scanned the 6's instrument panel, took a deep breath, and waited.

Then it came to him. The Feeling. It was there every time he took off.

Other pilots strap in, do the checklist, prepare to take off. Fight the nervous energy that always creeps in.

Hunter would melt into the machinery. His brain linked with on-board computer. His hands and feet became extensions of the flaps and stabilizers. His eyes became the radar; his ears the radio. He was the plane.

The radio crackled and a voice gave him the goahead to take off. Instantly, Hunter lifted the air brakes and was moving forward, gathering speed. 100 knots, 120, 150. His heart was pounding—a promise he had made to himself was coming true.

He pulled back on the control stick and the F-16 streaked of the ground and into the cloudless sky.




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