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The Twisted Cross

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1988

  • The Twisted Cross  - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope of ravaged America!


The savage Russian sneak attack that reduced the United States to a nuclear-blackened wasteland is now history. Under the leadership of a fearless jet fighter pilot, the armies of freedom have rescued their besieged nation from the brutal clutches of the Soviet warlords. An awesome gladiator of the skies, he arose from the ashes to revive a forgotten dream called "America." He is Hawk Hunter, WINGMAN!

But a terrifying new threat looms near the country's southern border. "The Twisted Cross," a power-hungery neo-Nazi organization, plans to destroy the Panama Canal with nuclear time bombs unless their war chests are filled with stolen Inca gold. The only route to saving the strategic waterway is from above—as Wingman takes to the air to rain death down upon the Cross' South American jungle stronghold and save the kidnapped daughter of the one man who can end the madness. For if the murderous fanatics are allowed to flourish, the newly reborn U.S. could die in infancy!


"They're goddamn phantoms!" Hawk Hunter yelled.

The two unmistakable shapes—turned-up wings, reversed V tail section—appeared over the horizon and streaked toward the Kingfisher. Hawk put the World War II-vintage floatplane into a dive and within seconds was cruising 50 feet above the jungle's tree tops, throttle opened all the way.

"We're in for a fight, Brother David," Hawk shouted. "You got a handle on that gun back there?"

"I have," came to reply.

Within seconds the two F-4s had pulled up a quarter mile behind the Kingfisher.

"When I give the word, open up on the nose of the nearest plane," Hawk said. "Don't let up until you have to, okay?"

"Okay," came the stoic reply.

"Hang on!" Hawk shouted. Then he reached over and cut his engine...




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