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The Sky Ghost

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1997

  • The Sky Ghost  - Mack Maloney cover


In a strange new world called America the future is in danger... and the past is just beginning.


Only Hawk Hunter had the courage to diver a deadly comet blazing toward earth—by storming it headfirst! The kamikaza mission saved the planet, but for "The Wingman", a strange new war is just beginning. From the shattered wreckage of the Zon space shuttle, the dazed ace fighter pilot awakens in an alternate world—to face history's most infamous battle... again!

On this Earth, World War II has never ended, the London Blitz still rages, but the British capital is a Nazi-occupied site for allied bombers, and this time, it's the American shores that are targeted for invasion—by German forces. Their weapon is the A-bomb. And only Hawk Hunter can stop them. He has no choice. It's the last prayer of getting back to his Earth alive. Now, trapped between two worlds, caught between wars on both coasts, there's only way to save the future of this America—by winning World War II again!


It was headed for American-held territory

The enemy plane saw Hawk Hunter coming from about a mile out. The giant airship had dozens of windows and glass blisters all over its fuselage. There must have been at least a hundred portholes. Hunter was sure that with so many windows, someone had spotted him coming out of the clouds.

But it really made no difference. Hunter merely kicked in his double-reheat burner and bumped his speed up to 850 knots. The enemy airplane's rear gunners began firing almost immediately, but he was moving way too fast for them to get a bead on him.

He looped around and readied his weapons. On his first pass, he tried to find a vulnerable place under the wing, but his bullets only produced some wisps of vapor and did not ignite any fuel tanks. He looped and went around again, but his bullets only bounced off the two starboard engines. Another loop. Another pass at the engine. No hits. He tried pumping bullets into the underside of the fuselage, but they did little damage.

Hunter made six more futile passes, all burning precious fuel and time. He had not altered the big plane's course at all. They were only 110 miles from the coast. Through the portholes, he could see the enemy airmen laughing and pointing at him.

From somewhere deep inside his brain, Hunter remembered an old tactic the Russians used when they were out of ammo. He pushed his throttle ahead, his engine sucked up a load of gas and he rocketed right for the airship.

Hunter would ram the left-side tail wing until it fell away and took the plane with it... or die trying.




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