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Freedom Express

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1990

  • Freedom Express - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope of ravaged America!


Decimated in deadly rain of treachery and deceit, the United States is united no longer. But out of a war-blackened landscape emerges the brilliant ace fighter pilot Hawk Hunter—a lone warrior on the bloody road of retribution, battling to keep the spirit of America alive in the hearts of his countrymen.

While the rebirth of freedom has come to most of the American continent, much of the western lands remain under the savage control of the Knights of the Twisted Cross, a power-hungery neo-Nazi army with plans to carve out a piece of the once-pround nation for themselves. The answer to his threat to freedom: a Supertrain, literally miles long, carrying troops, artillery and missiles, to slash through and reclaim the occupied territory. Guarding the skies above the Supertrain is Hawk Hunter, who has traded in his sleek F-16 for a souped-up Harrier jump-jet. But as the Supertrain thunders across western plains and deserts, Hawk Hunter can see that resistance from the fanatical neo-Nazis grows stronger. And as the the train hurtles toward the yawning abyss of the Grand Canyon, Hunter suddenly knows that an American Armageddon is about to unfold on a parched and arid battlefield that will soon run red with blood!


"Here Comes The Sheriff!" Crunch Radioed Elvis.

The two Super Phantoms peeled off and let The Wingman do his thing.

Hunter pulled out of his steep dive and pointed the nose of the Harrier directly at the lead F-104. One blast from his twin Aden cannons and the StarFighter disintegrated in a ball of fire and smoke. Hunter's attack was so sudden that the trailing jet plowed right into his leader's debris, ingesting burning parts into his jet intakes. Within seconds, he too was spinning out of control to a fiery grave below.

"I suppose that's another bottle of Scoth we owe you," Crunch radioed Hunter as the F-4's and the Harrier formed up.

"Just trying to make a hard job a little easier for you, boy," Hunter radioed back. "That one was on the house!"




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