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Death Orbit

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1996

  • Death Orbit - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope ravaged America!

Death Sentence

Three young girls vanish from Cape Cod. Warships disappear without a trace. In a mountaintop monastery, a dying monk predicts the end of the world. And a terrified woman is consumed by a vision of a blazing comet destroying the earth. But it's more than a vision, it's real, and the beginning of the end... unless ace fighter pilot Hawk Hunter can find a way to save mankind from 143 miles away in space.

Asian Mercenary Cult battleships storm the seas. Fourth Reich squadrons fill the skies. And off the Florida coast, 44 nuclear warheads are in place, as the world's most powerful adversaries unite in one common goal—to stop the impending destruction of the planet. But to succeed, they need Hunter's help. With time running out, the lone warrior has only one recourse: to charge the comet head-on in a desperate kamikaze mission to salvage a lost cause called Earth!


They had found Viktor's hiding place

About 15 miles away, turning slowly on the spokes of its twisted cross, was a gigantic swastika in a virtually identical orbital path with the Zon. It looked monstrous and overwhelming—and completely unreal.

"Christ, where did that come from? Hunter gasped.

Looking through long-range binoculars, he saw that it appeared to be constructed of hundreds of heavy metal sections welded into place like the plates on a battleship. There was a large observation deck on the space station that looked very much like the bridge of a World War II-era ship, complete with a gaggle of antennas, receivers, and what could only be space periscopes.

"Do you think they know we're out here?" Ben asked.

"Probably," JT replied. "But what can they do? It ain't like they can come out after us or shoot at us or anything."

Suddenly Hunter felt his psyche start vibrating.

A hatchway at the end of one twisted arm opened, and small objects began drifting out of it. They looked like Messerschmitt Me-163 Komets, a type of German wonder-weapon rocket plane used by the Third Reich at the tail end of World War II. There were six of the stubby rocket-powered fighter planes, each carrying some kind of large muzzle-heavy weapon under its wings.

And now they were heading straight for Hunter and Zon!




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