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The Circle War

Written By:Mack Maloney - 1987

  • The Circle War  - Mack Maloney cover


He is the last hope of ravaged America!


Decimated in a deadly rain of treachery and deceit, its great cities and vast countryside reduced to a war-blackened landscape, the United States is united no longer. But out of the blasted ruins emerges the brilliant ace fighter pilot Hawk Hunter, a hero for the ages on a bloody road of retribution—a lone warrior battling to keep the spirit of America alive in the hearts of his countrymen.

From his secret base in the coastal winderness of the Pacific Northwest, Hunter hears rumors of strange lights and sonic booms in the northern skies, of a vast armada sailing toward the West Coast that suddenly vanishes, of a vast armada sailing toward the West SAMs and armor hidden deep in the Dakota Bad Lands. The reports can only mean one thing—a second fiery showdown with the Russian overlords and their armies of destruction. With the fate of a shattered nation hanging in the balance, it's up ti Hawk Hunter to rally the armies of freedom and strike one last bold and bloody blow for a cause known as America!


Hawk Hunter flew higher—up to 40,000, and into the mist of a billowing cloud.

A faint ringing began in his brain. Within seconds he could feel a distinct buzz throughout his body. It meant onyl one thing.


A lot of them. Out toward the east. Two, maybe three hundred miles away.

He checked his fuel supply. It was at 85%. He checked his weapons. Four Sidewinders and a maximum load of cannon shells—all okay.

The sensation grew stronger. The hair on the back of his head was standing up. Trouble. He knew it. He had to check it out. No time to call for the scramble jets. He had to act now!

He booted in the afterburner and steered due east...




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