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Windows of Heaven, The

Dawn-Apocalypse Rising

Written By:K. G. Powderly Jr. - 2003

  • Dawn-Apocalypse Rising - K. G. Powderly Jr. cover


Humanity is a race with amnesia, a symptom of physical and psychological trauma. Scars on planet Earth give disturbing testimony of vast upheaval in an earlier age. "The Windows of Heaven" is the 5-novel epic of a past blocked-out of human historical memory. Yet some terrors will not stay forgotten, though our nightmares wish them to. Some horrors will not stay buried for our own good, though we reduce them to children?s fables to escape their lingering shadow? "Dawn Apocalypse Rising" begins the saga of the Seer-Prince, A?Nu-Ahki; a man tormented by dark visions and uncertainty, while burdened by failure and a prophetic destiny too big for him. His rapidly changing world faces seduction by powerful beings from somewhere else. Dragons have begun to migrate in odd patterns, while hidden power-plays and the open revolt of the Titans subvert social and religious institutions dating back to the dawn of time. The integrity of A?Nu-Ahki?s clan disintegrates, as slander against his mother casts doubt on his own lineage. Global conflict looms?a new form of war made possible by the Earth?s abundance and new mechanized techno-sorcery. The Titans of Lumekkor clash with the Giants of the Samyaza Cult, both claiming descent from the new gods. Ancient prophecies come alive, while terrors long dormant shake themselves loose from uneasy slumbers, pulling A'Nu-Ahki into their hungry grip?




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