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White Bird of Kinship

A Dream of Kinship

Written By:Richard Cowper - 1981

  • A Dream of Kinship  - Richard Cowper cover


Beyond The Road to Corlay, lies an epic adventure of towering splendor!

They came to destroy!

The treacherous Falcons, uniformed in the black leather tunics of the fanatic Secular Arm, descended on Corlay to burn and kill. Commanded by Lord Constant, ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, they were determined to crush the religious heresy of Kinship

But a new dream rose from the ashes...

When four Kinsmen escaped the carnage of their beloved land, each helped to fulfill the miracle that had been foretold: the coming of the Child of the Bride of Time would usher in a New Age. For it was he who would claim the secrets of the stars... whose powers would drive him into battle with the dangerous Lord Constant... whose great courage would forge a new destiny on the wings of... the white bird of kinship


A magic the world had never known...

"Dave, I want you to listen to something. Shut the door."

For seven years David had been a willing audience for his friend's music; but this time his heart told him he was hearing something altogether outside his previous experience, something mysterious and magical and almost frightening.

All around him the room was becoming curiously insubstantial, the solid stone walls seeming to tremble as though he were viewing them through sunlit water. They faded, becoming ever more faint, until at last they had vanished completely from his perception and he found himself gazing out upon some unknown landscape in which the trees were as red as blood and strange and monstrous creatures moved dimly, browsing among the crimson groves. Over everything there hung a sense of wan and brooding melancholy. He became aware of an unfamiliar heaviness in his chest, as though each breath he drew was costing him an almost intolerable effort...

For a purpose the world could not yet imagine!




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