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Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Written By:Kate Wilhelm - 1975

  • Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang - Kate Wilhelm cover

    Timescape - 1977+ 4th printing

  • Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang - Kate Wilhelm cover

    Harper Row - 1976


Timescape - 1977+ 4th printing

When the first warm breeze of doomsday came, the summers were ready...

They had used their great wealth to forge a citadel in their beautiful valley. Their descendants would have all they needed to raise food and do the scientific research to insure survival.

But they had not counted on sterlility.

Now that final pocket of humanity was threatened. The creation of clones seemed the only answer. But the answer turned bitter when the creations turned against their creators—and the very last battle of the world was fought on the very ground...

Where Late the Sweet Brids Sang

Harper Row - 1976

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang is a spellbinding and wonderfully original family saga of the future. It is the story of the Sumners of Virginia, who have ruled over a lush valley along the Shenandoah for generations. But the Sumners' land, their money, their influence do not make them immune to the war and pestilence that destroy the rest of the earth. Through the foresight of the elder Sumners, they create a scientific research center that provides them with a means of survival. But as the Sumner men became sterile, the women barren, young David Sumner, his cousin Celia and the othjer Sumners become victimized by an army of look-alike, think-alike clones who are able to prepetuate their Sumner bodies—but not their humanity. What hope there is for a real, human future must lie with the outcasts of the new society.


Timescape - 1977+ 4th printing

"Engrossing... rich in characterization, science, and ideas." —Chicago Daily News

"Destined to be a science-fiction classic." —Locus

"Kate William's cautionary message comes through loud and clear." —The New York Times

Where Late the Sweet Brids Sang has been awarded the coveted Hugo Award for best science fiction novel of the year at the 35th annual Sun Con Science Fiction Convention.

Since its publication, Where Late the Sweet Brids Sang has won the Locus Award for best novel of the year, and was nominated for a Nebula Award as best novel of the year.

Harper Row - 1976

With its dramatic sweep and its very human feelings, this is rich and engrossing storytelling at its best.