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Wet Work

Written By:Philip Nutman - 1993

  • Wet Work - Philip Nutman cover


Dominic Corvino covert assassin, the CIA s top "wet work" specialist.

Nick Packard a rookie cop about to undergo his baptism of fire on the Washington DC mean streets. Two different men whose destinies are about to collide as Armageddon unfolds... When a routine hit on a pair of rogue DEA agents goes horribly wrong in Panama, Corvino discovers not only has his team been betrayed from within, but he, too, is marked for death. For Packard, his first day on the job rapidly descends into Hell on Earth when a domestic disturbance turns into a blood-soaked nightmare. As a plague sweeps across the globe, turning normally non-lethal diseases fatal, the dead begin to revive. Violence-crazed and hungry for flesh, they are everywhere. And as their troops increase in size and appetite a new order is steadily established from coast to coast... A new order that leaves no room for the living.