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Written By:Max Allan Collins - 1995

  • Waterworld - Max Allan Collins cover


Based on the motion picture written by Peter Rader and David Twohy.

In the future, a polluted warmth will consume our planet.
The icecaps will melt.
The Earth with drown.
And there will be nothing left but...

The scattered suvivors have abandoned all hope. They live on boats and ramshackle, man-made islands. Nothing exists on their horizon but bleak, infinite seas ruled by savage pirates preaching consumpition and practicing plunder. A world of nothingness. A world of madness.

But one man will change this bleak future forever. A stranger on a magnificent sailing vessel offering something for trade that none of them have ever seen before, but which all of them have heard about: a sack full of rich, fertile earth. An undeniable symbol of dry land somewhere beyond the endless waves.

Land which anyone would do anything to control.