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Virtual War Chronologs


Written By:Gloria Skurzynski - 2010

  • Devastation - Gloria Skurzynski cover


After the devastation comes the war

Earth's population has been decimated by disease and natural disasters, and those who remain live in domed cities, sealed off to prevent the spread of future devastation. In eighteen days, there will be a bloodless, virtual war between the few remaining world powers, with the winner to take possession of the only place on Earth still safe to live undomed—a remote tropical island in the Pacific.

Fourteen-year-old Corgan was born for this moment—quite literally. Conceived in a test tube by Federation scientists and raised outside the reach of human touch, he has been genetically engineered and conditioned to be the perfect virtual warrior. He has quick reflexes, physical superiority, and high intelligence, but Corgan has never met a real-live human being. Enter the beautiful Sharla, Corgan's teammate for the battle. She's bold, she's rebellious, and she's about to show Corgan all that the Federation has been keeping form him...

The stakes are even higher as Corgan's adventure continues.




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