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A Storm of Wings

Written By:M. John Harrison - 1980

  • A Storm of Wings  - M. John Harrison cover


In the wasteland of a future world, the pastel city struggles in the grip of the sign of the locust.

Viriconium: the pastel city was the last bastion of the civilized world where Queen Methvet Nian ruled supreme. Now she watched, helpless, as the time of the locust became a monstrous reality, turning the inhabitants into hideous mindless insects. Cellur,the bird lord, emerged from his underground exile, the first to respond to the call. Soon he was joined by Tomb, the iron dwarf, and the first of the reborn men, Alstath Fulthor. They journeyed to the desolate plains of the north in search of the evil's source, only to encounter a paralysing menace that threatened to destroy their very minds....




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