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The Pastel City

Written By:M. John Harrison - 1971

  • The Pastel City  - M. John Harrison cover


Far in the future, gallant knights in armor battle the wild forces of a dying technology

A Different Kind of Dragon

In the distant future, a medieval system rises from the ruins of a technology that destroyed itself. Armored knights ride their horses across dunes to rust, battling for honor of their Queen. But the knights find more to menace them than mere swords and lances. A brave quest leads them face to face with the awesome power of a complex, lethal technology that has been erased from the face of the Earth—but lives on, underground.


"Harrison's writing is excellent. The characters and scenes are vividly evoked, and it is so much better than other novels in its field that I believe it will in time become a favorite classic among readers of science fantasy." —Michael Moorcock, Author of Behold the Man

"Sword-and-sorcery on a high level—the level of the best Fritz Leiber fantasies... The Byronic hero and his comrades, the battles and duels, the princess and the traitor, the journeys and seekings, all are here..." —Ursula K. Le Guin

"Combines the visions of Hodgson with the colorful vistas of Jack Vance. Harrison makes a tone poem of the far distant future where men and creatures which delight and terrify the imagination fight in the never-ceasing battle of good against evil." —Philip Jose Farmer




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