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Vampire Hunter D

Dark Road

Written By:Hideyuki Kikuchi / Yoshitaka Amano - 2010

  • Dark Road - Hideyuki Kikuchi / Yoshitaka Amano cover


The Vampire Hunter in a desperate battle against a coalition of the most infamous and terrifying vampires in history!

Encountering an isolated community comprised entirely of former vampire victims, D rescues a beautiful young woman named Rosaria from a human death squad. But before he can escort her to safety, she's abducted by General Gaskell, perhaps the fiercest and most dangerous vampire Noble of all time!

Gaskell is hell bent on defeating D, and hs is not alone—he commands a number of the most infamous vampires in history, renowned even more for the murder of their own kind than for that of humanity. Armed with dark, arcane knowledge and the help of his bloodthirsty cohorts, Gaskell has mad dreams of a return to power and the final elimination of the only one who can stop him—the Hunter known as D!




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