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Time Gate

Written By:John Jakes - 1972

  • Time Gate - John Jakes cover


At those special moments in history, it only takes one man to alter Earth's whole future...!

The fourth dimension had finally been opened up, thanks to the invention of the Time Gate. Now man could journey into the dim past or venture into the far-distant future. But the Time Gate had to be kept a top-secret project, manned only by Tom and Cal Linstrum and a few carefully selected scientists—for in the wrong hands, it could become the most potent weapon yet created. Traveling through time, even one man could alter history enough so that everyone on Earth would simply cease to exist. Of course, it would never happen because only a madman would even try to distort the time stream. The one horrifying day, it did happen. And Tom and Cal found themselves chasing through a rapidly changing panorama of history, trying desperately to capture their enemy before they and their whole world vanished forever...!


Through the portal of time

At a quarter to nine, Dr. Walker asked Tom and Cal to step onto the platform. His palms itching, his stomach faintly aching—he was actually going through time, back nineteen hundred and eight years—Tom tried to smile at Cal.

"Four minutes," Dr. Walker called at what seemed only an instant later.

Tom watched the multicolored lights blinking faster and faster. Would he ever see them again? See Washington? The familiar world?

"Thirty seconds. Stand by."

With the minute hand at ten before the hour, the sweep second hand hit twelve. A cool, tingling darkness enveloped Tom suddenly. Far away, as though windy darkness, a disembodied voice seemed to call, "Good luck—"

When Tom opened his eyes, he was in Pompeii...


"Tensely-paced, entertaining, exciting..." —Library Journal