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The Time Connection

Written By:Thomas F. Monteleone - 1976

  • The Time Connection  - Thomas F. Monteleone cover


A man and a woman—on a perilous passage to nightmare future Earth

Were they alone on a mysterious Earth where giant cities were run by all-knowing computers and manned by infallible robots?

Were they alone in a savage world where a monstrous race of alien killers hunted them down—and chances of survival grew more slender with every terrifying contact?

Were they alone to carry out a vital mission on which the whole future of human history depended—a mission they had to discover before time ran out?

Devin Wells and Marianne Cowens—plucked out of the twentieth century and plunged into the strangest adventure and most momentous challenge a man and a woman could ever know...


Fascinating and Fearsome

From the moment Devin Wells met the girl called Marianne in the remote mountains of New Mexico, he was both irresistibly attracted and deeply disquieted by this hauntingly beautiful yet weirdly remote creature.

Even Marianne could not explain the bizarre visions that at times filled her mind... the bewildering bit of knowledge that came from seemingly nowhere... the paranormal powers beyond human ken...

And only now, on the other side of time, as the two them clung together on a planet of peril with a ring of revenge-ravenous creatures drawing ever closer around them, did Marianne's mysterious secret begin to become clear...

...terrifyingly clear...